20+ Things to Do on a Snow Day

Even though we just came back from vacation…I sort of need a vacation…from my vacation.
The holidays are exhausting. We all settled in to an unhealthy routine of staying up late and sleeping in. My body (and my children’s bodies) have not adjusted so I am rather thankful for another day to sleep past 7am! And that silly snow day app that my daughter swears by was right again in its calculation!

1. Plan your Next Vacation.
After you come in from shoveling, close your eyes and picture yourself on a warm tropical beach. Then, spend a few hours planning a trip to somewhere warm or dreamy to vacation.
Here are few of our favorite vacation destination ideas:
Puerto Rico
Turks & Caicos
Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon
Our Favorite Family Resorts
Ponce, PR
Fairytale Castles
Amtrak Adventures

2. Put Away Your Holiday Decorations.
This might sound like a chore, but if you’re like me, each decoration on our tree has sentimental meaning and brings back a memory. Many of our decoration are hand-made by the kids. As they get older, I become more sentimental about it. Not to mention, if you do it today, you’ll have some extra help.

snow day3. Build a snowman.
Of course, right, but, with a twist. We’re going to watch a little of Frozen to get inspired, and then compete in teams. Who can build the most creative snow creature?

4. Go Through Old Photos.
 Take a walk down memory lane looking at old photos and home videos. Create a digital album or even a traditional one on Shutterfly. Ask older kids to scan old family prints into your computer before they have aged beyond repair.

5. Organize Your Kids’ Clothes.
Sit with them in their rooms and figure out what fits and what doesn’t. Pack up the clothes that don’t fit
to give away.

6. Channel Your Inner Fancy Nancy
and Play Dress Up…with the Whole Family.

7. Play Video Games.
When do I EVER say this!?!? My kids beg but I never, ever have time to idly play video games with them. Take 30 minutes and play something: Wii Party, Just Dance, Mario, NBA 2K. They’ll be in heaven.

8. Get Cooking.
Play a game of Chopped like the show.If you’ve never seen it, watch one episode
On Demand (Food Network) first. You choose their ingredients, put them in a basket and watch your kids
get creative.  Of course, you’re the judge.

9. Have a Dance Party
Blare your favorite tunes and get out some energy with a dance party.
Form teams, have a dance competition, and make one person the judge.

snow day

10. Do a jigsaw puzzle. 
You have one sitting in a closet somewhere, and it is not as boring as it sounds. It’s like meditating in a group.

11. Work on Your Family Tree.
Have the kids help make a family tree or order one online. The one above is a
walll decal and includes photos. Check out some of our favorite family trees.

12. Make Soup.
Get the kids chopping and make a pot of hearty, comforting soup for dinner with whatever you
can find in the pantry and freezer.

13. Send Them on a Scavenger Hunt.
Feel free to include some things you’ve been looking for. It’s is also a great way to have them find their uniforms for the weekend now.

14. Curl Up and Watch a Movie.
Pop some popcorn and curl up with an afternoon movie or two. Or binge-watch a series.
(Shut off all cell phones please.)

karaoke15. Sing Your Heart Out: Karaoke.
 Get silly. If you don’t have the machine, or the video game, try this app. A snow day is a great time to let your kids see your crazy side — by that I mean your college crazy side and not your Jack Nicholson from the Shining crazy side.


16. Call or FaceTime Relatives.
Our weekdays are so packed with activities that as much as I want the kids to call grandparents, aunts and uncles, there never seems to be time. They’ll love hearing from you today! While you’re at it, call friends who you miss too.

17. Clear Space on Your Phone (& Your Kids)
Delete the plethora of duplicate or bad photos, as well as old emails
and gain space!

18. Watch your wedding video.
 Your kids will love seeing you when you were young…and that hairstyle from 15 years ago.

19. Make homemade cards for upcoming birthdays.
Grandparents will especially love this. Store them, and pull them out when you need them.

20. Clean out your game closet.
You will feel accomplished and it will inspire you and your kids to play some games you
haven’t looked at in years.

21. Start Researching Summer Camps
With the kids at home, you can browse camp websites together and look for a camp that’s just right for them: from traditional sleep away camps, to camps that emphasize focus on wellness or children with special needs to camps where kids can choose their own schedules.

22. Play Pictionary.
You don’t even need the game. Make your own cards that represent things that everyone in your family can associate with.

23. Read Together.
For little ones, climb into bed with 5 of your favorite picture books. With older kids, start out reading their favorite books from when they were little and then, settle into each of your own books.

24. Finally, take my friend Karen’s advice. When all else fails, turn on the TV for your kids, and go hide in the bathroom with a good book and a bottle of wine. No guilt. It isn’t your fault it snowed and kids have to learn to entertain themselves for Pete’s sake!

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