August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 19, 2017

For Your Entertainment…My 8 Hour Day Proctoring Exams

I’ll cut to the chase. I was given the opportunity to work at a high school for two days to proctor Regents exams. This is generally easy work, decent pay and a good way to wean yourself back into the school year. The school I worked at was very shorthanded and teachers had very little […]

Biking In NYC-Perfect Day Trip

A great activity in NYC.

Summer is No Longer Sacred

I blame sports.

Our Favorite Day Trips

1. BEACON, NY: Artsy Upstate, Shop, Eat & Hike  2. LITTLE ITALY’S IN THE BRONX Eat Your Way Through the Other Little Italy. 3. ASBURY PARK  Sun & Fun on the Boardwalk 4. NYC TOURIST FOR A DAY 13 of Our Favorite Things to do in the Big Apple 5. CONEY ISLAND Brooklyn The Way My Grandpa […]

Middle School Sucks…For us and them!

Remember that feeling the first night your baby slept through the night?  How about the first time they were able to dress themselves?  Tie their shoes?  Life finally seemed to be getting easier, right?  WRONG!  Just when you think you have raised a sweet, adorable kid…Middle school happens.  There is no other way to describe […]

Finding Your G Spot

by Shannon Albarelli, Psy.D. As a mom who works with moms; and is friends with moms; and sees moms professionally… it is clear to me that all moms (and all humans for that matter) need find…their g-spots, their place of Gratitude. I know, not as sexy as you expected, but I got your attention right? And […]

ReCreateU Modern Terrarium Bar

What a wonderful addition to our town! ReCreateU Modern Terrarium Bar on  8 South Park Avenue is a DIY piece of paradise. Whether you are having a mom/daughter day out, a weekend date or a girl’s night out  – this concept is a truly relaxing experience and is being met with enthusiasm by all I’ve […]

Middle School Anxiety: 5 Tips for Teens

Ridgewood Teen, Sophia Swanson, shares tips from teens entering middle school. by Sophia Swanson 1. Make new friends, and (usually) keep the old. Middle school can be a turning point in many students’ lives, and for good reason.  Not only are you introduced to (literally) hundreds of new kids in one day, but you will notice […]


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