June 28, 2017
June 27, 2017

10 Things I’ll Miss…When School is Out for the Summer.

School ends this week–in 24 hours, to be exact. My freedom days are over. 10 Things I’ll Miss the Most: 1. Going to the bathroom alone.  2. 6 glorious hours a day of silence 3. Leisurely, middle-of-the-day hair appointments. 4. Things staying where you put them and your house looking nice for a few hours. 5. Uninterrupted phone calls. 6. My Monday […]

5+ Reasons to Take Your Kids to See Wonder Woman

Read why I think the movie Wonder Woman stands out from all the other superhero action flicks and why you should see it.

Making Friends as an Adult is Not Easy, But it is Possible

I grew up watching Friends and believing that’s what adulthood would be like. A group of tight knit, long time friends who did everything together.  However, as my life took many transitions, it seemed that making new friends was about as easy as getting a cavity filled! For years I thought this was an isolated incident. No […]

The Summer Before College

You can't believe it, but your baby is going off to college. You have a few short months left. What to do? What advice to give? Here are some tips and reminders.

One Book, One Community in Summit

This summer, the true story of Michael Oher will touch us and bring us together as a community. Read it alone or with your book club and be part of the conversation. The One Book One CommunityCommittee of Shaping Summit Together announces the 2017 recommended community read, The Blind Side by Michael Lewis. It is […]

Morphmom.com Presents What’s Next?

Wondering what to do with your life now that your kids are getting older? Start here with this great conference and get some guidance.

How Much Sex Is Everyone Really Having?

Where do you and your spouse rank?

Dance Dads … Wake Up!

It is time to man-up.


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