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Bookends presents Lisa Lillien author of HUNGRY GIRL CLEAN & HUNGRY: OBSESSED!

The Magic Number of Calories to Lose Weight

I workout to eat. It’s that simple. But recently, I felt a little tightening in my button. So I weighed myself–something I hadn’t done in years. I don’t even own a scale. I weighed myself at the gym. And sure enough, I’d gained 4 pounds. Not much, but I could feel it. And I’ve been the […]

Take Care of Your Girls

The hazy lazy days of summer may inspire you to do as little as possible, but I feel it is my duty to gently remind you, you will only get busier come fall. Now is a great time to look after yourself. Exercise, try something new, meditate, and get your screening exams. Hate getting your boobs squished? Me […]

Sunburn Care

#1 rule: You have only yourself to blame.

Get Outside this Summer with Beach Yoga, Tai Chi and Music Under the Stars

It’s amazing what being outside can do for you mentally and physically, so what are you waiting for?  Get outside!  You may be surprised to learn that almost everything you enjoy doing indoors can be done outdoors in the summer.  It just takes a little digging, but I’ve already taken care of that for you. […]

I never thought that I would get skin cancer.

I never thought that I would get skin cancer.  I am very fair and so I have always taken extra precautions before spending time in the sun.  As a teen, while my friends spent hours baking in the sun, I would be sure to sit under an umbrella so I wouldn’t burn.  I didn’t go […]

Hydrate With a Fruit-Infused Water

On a hot day, nothing is better for you than water. But when you infuse it with fruit and ingredients that give it zesty flavor and can boost your immune system, it’s even better. Here are a few of our favorite combos. 1. Fruit Punch Add whatever you have in the house–oranges, blueberries, strawberries and apples. After you drink […]

Smart Girls Fake It! by Too Faced

Smart Girls Fake It collection by Too Faced has become my new summer go to essential.  Since my recent bout with skin cancer I am doing everything I can to play it safe.  I’m actually obsessed with their, “Beach Bunny Bronzer.”  When I leave the house I actually look like I had just been at […]


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