April 13, 2017
March 31, 2017

Shea’s Story

Rachel tells us about her four year old son's inspiring journey.

3 Tips to Losing Fat

The basics of weight loss can equate to expending or using up more calories than you consume on average. When people talk about weight loss they really are implying FAT LOSS. I don’t know of many people eager to decrease their muscle mass (especially since your muscle is your metabolic furnace). So let’s crunch some numbers to really understand how to achieve effective, […]

3 Steps I Took To Improve My Health…That Didn’t Involve Dieting or Workouts

Everybody says the best way to lose weight is by eating better and exercising daily. We all know that by now, but I was able to try some new things to improve my health on my own and it worked!

Does Nutella Cause Cancer?

It is getting pulled off shelves in Europe. Why?

An Interview With the Owner of RVC’s HAND AND STONE : Jennifer Woods

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to enjoy an evening of pampering at Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa located at 302 Merrick Road, in Rockville Centre. The manager, Jessica was very attentive and a  complete medical history was taken before I had my services. I was fortunate enough to meet Aryian […]

Essential Oils: Fad or Fab?

I definitely consider myself a skeptic and was unsure of how essential oils would benefit me.  I am of the mindset that when you have a problem, you should go to the doctor and get prescribed medication to alleviate the issue.  However, about a year ago I was struck with an immense, chronic pain in […]

How to Keep Love Working For Your Health

When the fireworks are gone, you can still get the healthy high.

Newsflash: Women Have Hearts Too!

I know this will come as quite the shock to some of you.


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