December 12, 2019
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December 03, 2019

Am I Drinking Too Much?

A cold beer on a hot beach, a red wine in front of the fire or a margarita at a girls’ night out … all things I really look forward to. I am over 21. I see nothing wrong taking a break from the stress of the every day with an alcoholic beverage … or two … sometimes […]

Blood Test for Early Breast Cancer Detection

You may have seen a headline about a blood test that can detect breast cancer 5 years before you can feel a lump. This is exciting, but as with any grabby headline, it is important to manage expectations and know the facts. The test, being developed in Britain, is still in the early stages, and right […]

6 Cures for Your Halloween Hangover

You know those hangovers you had in college when you woke up and the entire day of nothing to do stretched out before you? Remember when your biggest challenge was deciding if greasy pizza or a greasy burger was going to be the cure? You could lie on your couch all day and just … […]

Daddies to Be: Put That Beer Down Now

 Also read: Are You Drinking Too Much? The headline is, “Dads-to-be should stop drinking 6 months before conception for baby’s heart health, study says.” I have to admit, my first reaction to this CNN article, was well, it is about frigging time the father has to give up something! I spent 40 months of my life, not including […]

What is your gynecologist up to?

Do you know what happens at your annual gyn exam? More women are vigilant about seeing their gynecologist than they are about seeing their internist. We tend to worry a bit more about the female parts, and because of reproduction, a lot of us simply get into the habit of visiting the stirrup table once […]

Get on the Ball: Schedule Your Mammogram

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women, except for skin cancers. Regular screenings for breast cancer are so important because it’s been shown time and time again that regular screening for breast cancer with a mammogram and a breast self-exam reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer by catching the cancer early, […]

Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus: 7 Things You Should Know

EEEV is making headlines. That’s Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus. The CDC documents an average of 7 cases per year, but this year, there are about 30 nationwide. According to the latest reports, nine people have died. Check with your local health department for statistics in your area. What you need to know: 1. The virus is transmitted through mosquitoes. […]

How to Do a Breast Self-Exam

Also read: What You Need to Know About Mammograms The fact is, experts don’t agree on whether or not we should recommend self breast exams. The evidence doesn’t support or deny its effectiveness. For what it is worth, as a woman, a physician, a friend, and a sister, my feeling is this … why not? If […]


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