February 18, 2017
February 11, 2017
February 07, 2017
January 30, 2017

Hoagie Dip w/Focaccia

I’m a Philly girl by nature, so this dip just makes complete sense to me.  Great for parties or even as a midday snack.

Sweet Potato Fries

A healthier take on fries.

Baked Wings

A healthier version of chicken wings. Try it out at your next Super Bowl party.

Nose Tackle Nachos

Nachos, nachos, nachos!  Everybody loves to dig into a plate of nachos.  Finding that perfectly topped chip seems to the goal on a game day get-together.  There is no “one-way” to prepare them.  The possibilities are endless.

Smoky Indian Eggplant

When I first married my husband, who is Indian, his mother gave me a beautiful cookbook called The Food of India. The photos are beautiful and mouth-watering. This recipe is one of my favorites. My mostly Irish-Hungarian family, who does’t always care for spicy Indian dishes, loves this. I changed it a bit to make it […]

Guiltless, Heart-Healthy Chips with a Kick!

Here’s a tough habit to break… not eating the entire chip bag. Limiting ourselves to an appropriate “portion” of tortilla chips, potato chips, pretzels (you get the gist) is challenging… Give healthy hearty kale a go....

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

This is the best appetizer for all ages. Their are never any left over. I make them mini for appetizers and big for dinner. I also substitute gluten free bread crumbs(Alexia brand) when making them for gluten free folks. I also quadruple the recipe and freeze them.

Deadly Dates Wrapped in Bacon

Once again leave it to Martha… Martha Stewart… to provide a deadly, yet delicious treat. A few of these may raise my cholesterol… but it will be sooo worth it!


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