February 13, 2017

Trish’s Story: It All Started at the Statue of Liberty

One weekend, a few years after graduation, two of my out-of-state college friends came to New Jersey to visit. They were both recently married and brought along their husbands. We decided to spend Saturday in NYC, visiting the Statue of Liberty and then having dinner and a few beers at the South Street Seaport.  I […]

Thea’s Story

It All Started With A Baseball   Atif and I are both teachers – we worked together for one very fateful year and fell in love shortly thereafter.  A bunch of coworkers went out to a now defunct restaurant, called “Strawberries” named after baseball player, Darryl Strawberry. It is funny that Atif and I went […]

Jennifer’s Story

It’s not often that I tell this story from beginning to end, but I was asked to write about when I met my husband and my engagement so here it goes!  I was 19 when I met my husband and had been warned not to date this notorious player.  I did make an attempt to stay […]

How I Got Engaged

I wish I had a more exciting story to share.

Our Love Stories

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun to share our engagement stories. From romantic to quirky and sometimes, well, not what we expected, these are our stories. Amy’s Story A Guy on Roller Blades Delivered Her Ring to her table the Boat House. Karen’s Story I fell asleep and very romantically, drooled all over his pants. […]

Tammy Gets Engaged

My husband and I dated for almost 5 years before he proposed. Yes, 5. He wanted to do it on the anniversary of our first date but my sister had the nerve to have her birthday on that day so it had to happen the next day. He asked my mom for permission which was sweet. On our […]

Marietta’s Proposal

We were married in May of 1995 after an engagement that lasted just over a year, and a courtship that lasted over five.  So in my heart I knew we would get engaged, but it still came as a surprise when it actually happened. My birthday is in late March and he made reservations for […]

Dial Up the Romance – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Fan those bedroom embers with these tips.


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