6 Ways to Dial Up the Romance… Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Romance doesn’t need to be complicated.
In fact, I’ve got some great tips to fuel the fires without requiring a lot of planning or money.

1. Exercise.
C’mon, you know I’m going to put this in here as a physical trainer. But truly, working up a sweat gets the blood and endorphins flowing and gives you a boost of confidence for added sex appeal.

2. Emulate a Pole Dancer.
If you’re looking to amp up your training, try this short but sexy 10 minute workout by Popsugar.

3. Kegels.
Speaking of exercise… Often promoted for pre/post natal women and seniors with incontinence issues, this is THE ONE move for enhancing sexual pleasure in both men and women. Yes, I did say men. Strengthening these pelvic floor muscles is vital to the overall health of both sexes – south of the belly button in the following ways: Women – urinary continence, increased core strength, increased vaginal strength during pregnancy and childbirth, improving sex from decreasing pain during intercourse to enhanced orgasms. Men – urinary continence, improving/eliminating erectile dysfunction and increased stamina during sexual intercourse.

You can first identify the pelvic floor muscles by stopping the flow of urine. Once you have the feeling of how to control these muscles, you can do these exercises anywhere and anytime (and no one will ever know – except maybe your partner…) With an empty bladder imagine stopping the flow of urine to contract or squeeze the appropriate muscles. Hold this squeeze for 3-5 counts and relax. Repeat this up to 10 times and repeat the whole set up to 3 times a day to start.

4. Partner Yoga. Looking for some “pre-game” training with your partner – try this couples yoga routine from Whole Loving. Even if you can’t do all the poses, I guarantee you’ll have fun trying.


5. Get Spicy.
Follow with a post workout spicy meal like Indian or Thai .Chili peppers (contain capsaicin, an aphrodisiac) are known to increase heart rate, body temp, sweating and release of the “good – feeling” endorphins – analogous to being aroused…health, Valentine's Day, romantic tips, sex, couple yoga, exercise, kegels, men and women, love, spicy food, aphrodisiac, massage, cornstarch, chocolate, pole dance workout, tips from town

6. Massage.  Change it up – instead of smearing melted chocolate all over each other, reach for cornstarch – yup- the silky soft texture is perfectly sensual for full body massages.


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