December 15, 2017
December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017

Heather’s Holiday Wish List

Besides wanting a day (or 7 dasy) alone in my house…where everything stays where I put it and it is quiet and serene and no one asks me for anything, here are some tangible things that would be nice to find under the tree.  I am not a perfume girl–in fact, sometimes, perfume makes me a little […]

Gifts That Say “Wow!”

  Amidst all the gadgets and sweaters and scarfs, maybe you are looking for that one big gift to really bring the Wow. Think about something they would never buy for themselves. Here are some ideas: Golden Goose Women’s Sneakers So why are they so expensive? They’re made with a buttery soft leather and have a […]

Our Tips’ 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Lets Start with the Big Tickets Items That Say “WOW!!!” 20 Gifts for Under $50…That GIVE BACK! We found 20 companies that donate a portion of their proceeds to the causes you care about.   What Kids Want This Year,,,Even if You Don’t!   15+ of Our Must-Have Family Games Say “no” to screen time this holiday season […]

Our Tips Staff Shares Their Wish Lists

Do you need a few ideas for presents? Check out our TipsFromTown editor’s and tipster’s picks. Some are extravagant and others are reasonable. There is something in every budget! And if you happen to run into our hubbies, pass these ideas on!  El Presidente Karen’s Wish List “I want actual real things this year, not just love and help … but […]

The Doctor is In: Ask Dr. Karen

I have come to rely on my friend, Karen, to answer questions about everything from pink eye to parenting. When rumors were flying around that nutella could cause cancer or that slime was could kill you, first I panicked…and then, I went to Karen with my question. When my brother swore that watermelon could help sore […]

Make A Facial Scrub At Home? Yes, We Cran!

Let your face benefit with this almost edible scrub of cranberries, honey, and cornmeal, thanks to The Spa at Mint.

A Secret for Baggy, Tired Eyes

Get rid of those bags and wrinkles under your eyes. Temporarily of course.

This is a Holiday Must!

One of my favorite things to do in December is to take a trip to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn to see the completely over-the-top decorated houses. Last year, we brought out of town friends. I worried that it wouldn’t live up to being a tourist-worthy event but it was spectacular! My friends liked it more than the window […]


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