August 18, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 18, 2017

Our Favorite Day Trips

1. BEACON, NY: Artsy Upstate, Shop, Eat & Hike  2. LITTLE ITALY’S IN THE BRONX Eat Your Way Through the Other Little Italy. 3. ASBURY PARK  Sun & Fun on the Boardwalk 4. NYC TOURIST FOR A DAY 13 of Our Favorite Things to do in the Big Apple 5. CONEY ISLAND Brooklyn The Way My Grandpa […]

Middle School Sucks…For us and them!

Remember that feeling the first night your baby slept through the night?  How about the first time they were able to dress themselves?  Tie their shoes?  Life finally seemed to be getting easier, right?  WRONG!  Just when you think you have raised a sweet, adorable kid…Middle school happens.  There is no other way to describe […]

Magic Sleek: Is it worth it?

For most, summer means sun, beach, BBQ, and vacations.  For me, summer means FRIZZ!  I basically spend June – September looking frightful.  I need the absolute perfect weather conditions for me to have a good hair day.  The slightest moisture in the air causes a major problem.  I have tried Keratin, which does amazing things […]

What Type of Back To School Parent Are You?

  Back to school season always leaves me with mixed feelings. As a teacher, I look forward to going back, showering daily, settling into a routine and feeling productive. As a mom – its quite different. The hardest thing about being a teacher who has children is that you often are forced to miss their […]

Is Balayage for You?

When it comes to color on my hair, I usually get double process: color and highlights. But this time, after seeing some pics, I decided try balayage. One of my hair issues is that within 2 short weeks, my ugly grays start showing their true color (bastards). While balayage won’t keep the grays from rearing their ugly heads […]

Happy Hour On-the-Go!

Loving this wine tote with a pouring spout perfect for wine or your cocktail of choice for a beach day or a picnic! It discreetly holds a boxed wine (or cocktail) bag and is fully insulated. There’s enough room for cups, your wallet, and phone.  I only wish I’d discovered this earlier in the summer, but hey, […]

Finding Your G Spot

by Shannon Albarelli, Psy.D. As a mom who works with moms; and is friends with moms; and sees moms professionally… it is clear to me that all moms (and all humans for that matter) need find…their g-spots, their place of Gratitude. I know, not as sexy as you expected, but I got your attention right? And […]

My Favorite Summer Spot

Need a few days away? Here is the perfect place to go!


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