30+ Ideas for Your Elf on the Shelf

Still Need an Elf? Get Your Elf on the Shelf here.Remember when your Elf on the Shelf was content just sitting on a shelf? Those days are over! We live in a Pinterest perfect work and our elves are not immune! They get more creative every year and now require propsaccessories and new outfits–some wearing Elf Couture! This year’s elf might even need a mask (tell your elf to look on Etsy–our elf liked this mask.)

We caught a our favorite elf moments on camera, and we’re thinking by sharing these, your elves may be inspired. Perhaps you can leave your computer open to this post tonight to give them some ideas.  Send us some pictures of your elf/elves because more than ever, at this time of year, it takes a village.

Don’t have an elf? Pop into your local book or toy shop or order one here:  Elf on the Shelf.

Getting creative with flour after the first December snow.


Thanks for sharing, Hilary Wallace.

Here’s an easy swing to make! From asmallsnippet.com


Make a miniature Twister game. From goodto.com

Masking up. You can find little masks on Etsy.

Gone fishing…for goldfish snacks that is!


Instead of sitting on a shelf, sometimes, I like to hang from one.


Floating with a helium balloon!


This is an adorable idea using a marshmellow and a small tealight from frugalcouponliving.com


Feeling a little knocked around.


Hide him with a few nutty friends.

Hold him hostage. By Jennifer Saintz.


Blowing bubbles with balloons.




Using suckers shoes to navigate across the ceiling in the room!


I can also use my sucker shoes to scale the windows.


It’s an avalanche (or marshmellows)!


Making snow angels. You can also do this with flour!


Serve your elf a stack of mini pancakes. He’ll love it.

A little spa time.

Pumping iron (with marshmellows!)

We’re used to the cold–we even prefer it! Plus the fridge is stocked with maple syrup!


Going on a hike.


We love playing in the snow (flour)!

Just hanging out!

I love hanging around any place with sweets!

Remember to out syrup and chocolate on EVERYTHING!

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