September 28, 2017
September 07, 2017

For Your Entertainment…My 8 Hour Day Proctoring Exams

I’ll cut to the chase. I was given the opportunity to work at a high school for two days to proctor Regents exams. This is generally easy work, decent pay and a good way to wean yourself back into the school year. The school I worked at was very shorthanded and teachers had very little […]

Middle School Anxiety: 5 Tips for Teens

Ridgewood Teen, Sophia Swanson, shares tips from teens entering middle school. by Sophia Swanson 1. Make new friends, and (usually) keep the old. Middle school can be a turning point in many students’ lives, and for good reason.  Not only are you introduced to (literally) hundreds of new kids in one day, but you will notice […]

Is It Too Late to Finish Summer Reading?

The answer is, it depends. This is just about the time when I realize, each summer, that despite me telling the kids to read every day, they haven’t gotten very far. Despite my many suggestions to curl up and enjoy a book, some of the reading logs are still embarrassingly sparse. Could you imagine if […]

5 things your teen should know how to do before they leave for college

College is fast approaching and for many teens that means leaving home for the first time.  My daughter included.  As I watch the days go by faster than I would like them to, I am left with so many questions.  Will she wake up for her early classes?  Will she be homesick?  Is the campus […]

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program for Kids!

Thank Heavens Barnes & Noble is right up the block on Old Country Road here in Garden City – and for most of us not too far away!   The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program is here  encouraging children to read books of their own choosing and earn a FREE book, simply by following these […]

The Two Best Hair Products For More Volume

The best hair product to give you volume!

End Of Year Teacher Gifts They Will Really Use!

Take it from me, at the end of the school year, teacher’s want one thing – rest. Saying good bye is the hardest part of this teacher’s year – no kidding. Even though some of the kids drive you up a wall all year long, when graduation hits, there isn’t a dry eye in the […]

The Summer Before College

You can't believe it, but your baby is going off to college. You have a few short months left. What to do? What advice to give? Here are some tips and reminders.