March 22, 2017
February 08, 2017
February 07, 2017
January 24, 2017

Around the World NYE Party

Bring the world to your house or neighborhood by having an Around the World Party. Travel the time zones. It's always midnight somewhere in the world.

White Elephant Party

If you are in the mood for a post-holiday party with friends, throw a White Elephant. It is very simple and very fun party theme.

Natalie’s Holiday Wish List!

This holiday season there are definitely a few things that I have been picking up for family and friends that I secretly have been wishing for myself. Some are a little pricier than others. Some could be little socking stuffers or a housewarming gift. Mahabis Slippers I came across these slippers online, and wish I […]

8 Places to Order Holiday Cookies Online

With time in limited quantity now days, there are many online retailers that ship delicious Christmas cookies.

The Must Have Pillow For a Perfect Night’s Sleep

The pillow to help you get a good night's sleep. Sweet Dreams!

The Thankful Home

We should always be grateful for even the small things in life. Especially our homes. Be creative and increase the physical presences of gratitude in your space for better health, happiness, and joy. And, more importantly, be grateful during the process.

Share With your Guests What You are Thankful For

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, these designs will help dress up your home for the occasion and if you aren’t hosting but need cute tags or ideas for hostess gifts, you will find some inspiration as well.

An Expert Shares 6 Tips for Getting a Great Family Photo

Fall is the perfect time to capture an image of your family. Lena Antaramian shares tips for getting the best photos you can.


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