April 16, 2018
April 16, 2018
March 17, 2018
February 28, 2018
February 28, 2018
February 12, 2018

Create A Family Heritage Cookbook

One fabulous way to preserve your family traditions is to create a heritage cookbook. Heritage cookbooks are a perfect way to share your knowledge of your family history with those who may not be drawn to genealogy. By presenting your stories in an accessible way your family can benefit from it in their hearts as well as […]

Valentine’s Day Friendship Brunch

It’s sometimes difficult to get together with friends. Hosting a Valentine's Friendship brunch is a perfect way to gather together the women you know for some good food, good company and lots of laughs.

7 Tips for Cutting Down Your Grocery Bill

I know it is my job to feed my family, but come on! Every time I go to the supermarket — and I try to go to the less fancy ones even though I end up wanting to rip my hair out at the long check out line — I spend hundreds of dollars. If I […]

Saving Up with this Penny-Pinching App

A friend recently recommended an app for penny-pinching called Acorns. It allows you to invest by by rounding up every purchase you make to the nearest dollar. So, if you buy a coffee for $4.75, 24¢ would go into an investment portfolio. It costs $1 a month and you can cash out of investments whenever you want. […]

Make Shopping a Breeze…and Save the Environment!

All of my friends are buying these. They came across them online this week and spread the word. I found them on Amazon for $24.58. This should make shopping a breeze and save the environment. If only I could remember to take them out of my trunk! They are compact and roll up so they hardly take […]

Gifts for the Animal Lover.

While I couldn’t give in to a puppy, I recently gave in to getting kittens. So now, gifts for furry friends–and gifts for furry friend lovers– are on my radar. Here are a few gifts that you can gift to someone who loves their pet …or can add to you list for Santa.Don’t Leave Home […]

10 Tips for a Stress-Free Gift Giving Season!

The holidays are upon me, and while deep down I know there is time, my heart is starting to race. Anxiety is setting in. Friends who are “done with their shopping” and Christmas cards already arriving are stressing me out. However! There is a however! I am determined to enjoy the holidays as much as I can, and […]

My Kind of Advent Calendar

I wish I’d seen this a little sooner, but heck, I can catch up. Virgin launched a boozy wine calendar this year. Now, this is my kind of calendar: Behind each window, you’ll find a large glass-sized bottle of boutique wine. They say you can expect the “best customer-rated wines” from around the globe, including 10 reds, 10 […]


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