April 19, 2018
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March 23, 2018

Training Bras: Who the Hell Came Up with that Name?

I’ve been thinking about bras a lot lately. One, because I can’t remember the last time I went underwear shopping, but that’s a different article. Two, because I have 3 teen girls. Bras have come a long way, and there should be something for everyone. Still though, I’m having a hard time finding items for this […]

20+ Women Your Kids Should Know About

Being a woman today is easier — not easy, but easier — because of the women below. I feel such gratitude for the many women before me who struggled and persevered, so the road for me and my daughters is a little less bumpy. Here are a few that immediately come to mind. Feel free to […]

Mrs. Potato Head Didn’t Inspire Anything in Me; It Was All About Barb.

Growing up, I loved Barbies. My best friend Jessica and I would play for days on end. I never had a Barbie mansion, car or camper (you can bet I made up for that with my own girls) so we would make rooms out of cardboard boxes glueing old wallpaper to the sides and carpeting them with remnants.  We […]

Should You Have Another Baby?

If the question is, “Should you have another baby?” the answer is “No.” I’m just kidding. Bigger families seem to be making a comeback. I’m not quite sure why, as it is harder than ever financially and organizationally to have more kids. It is probably our overachieving tendencies. Now, you can’t just throw them in the […]

The Parkland Shooting: 5 Things You Can Do.

Since 2013, there have been nearly 300 school shootings in America. This week, Parkland students made a bod statement to the press, “We are going to be the last mass shooting.” They are taking action. They are planning two school walkouts and a trip to Tallahassee to have sit-downs with legislators in the state Capitol. They also are […]

Advice to My Daughters about Work

Will you encourage your daughters to make the same choices you made?

Please Try to Be Very Quiet and Still

Read: 5 Things You Can Do to Make a Difference Like most of us, I cannot get the tragic events of last week’s mass school shooting off my mind. To be one of those families that lost a loved one is unfathomable. My 10 and 12 year old understood full well the horror of what happened. Both […]

Heart-Shaped Pancakes for My Valentine’s Day Breakfast Tradition

Like an idiot, years ago I started a Valentine’s Day tradition of making a huge heart day breakfast for the kids, complete with champagne glasses, red berries, candy (don’t judge me), gifts and heart-shaped pancakes. (Check out our pumpkin and gluten-free pancake recipes.) If you are a newish mom reading this, just remember, kids LOVE tradition so be careful […]