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February 28, 2017
February 27, 2017

Is Homemade Slime Dangerous?

Some people think it is.

Ten Ways To Kill Time on a Snow Day

Make the most of a surprise day off.

Why Field Trips Can Be A Nightmare for Teachers

Every year I have the opportunity to have one of my classes work with a “teaching artist” from a well-known theater company. My students participate in an eight week long workshop that involves lessons in diction, body language, singing, dancing, introducing children to the theater and simply put, 40 minutes a week of FUN! I […]

DIY Valentine Day Cards

Creative ideas for making your own Valentines.

Karen’s Favorite Books to Read as a Family

Before radio and then TV and then VCRs, computers, DVDs, DVRs, laptops, iPods, iPads, Netflix, Hulu … (you get the idea) … families read. Members sat in rooms together and read their own books quietly. They read aloud to each other. They didn’t just read to the people who couldn’t read on their own, they […]

How to Make Chores Fun

Allowance meets Pokemon - a web and mobile application that gives your kids a reason to do their chores using technology.

Stop the Bounce and Find Permanent Homes For Foster Children

Dr. Christopher David Long writes from experience, having fostered and adopted five charming boys. His Mission: To Stop the Bounce and Find Permanent Homes For Foster Children Dr. Christopher David Long is the President of Family Residences and Essential Enterprises. FREE is a not-for-profit agency based on Long Island and New York City. FREE was founded in 1977 […]

Should You Pull Your Child Out of School for Vacation? — A Teacher & Mom Weighs in

A mom and teacher weighs in on this issue of personal choice.


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