August 21, 2018
July 29, 2018
July 28, 2018

A 4th Grader’s Letter to Crazy Parents

Offside is a Facebook page, started by a referee, Brian Barlow, to encourage better sideline sportsmanship. He offered $100 for every video of crazy parents screaming at referees at children’s sporting events. He also posted this heartbreaking and poignant letter from a 4th grader. READ: What Screaming at the Ref Doesn’t Say About You Learn […]

The 5 Most Useful Leftovers

Dinner can sneak up on you, plan ahead with intentional leftovers.

My #1 Rule for Kids Navigating Social Media

Also read: The Latest Drug Parents Need to Know About We got a phone for my middle child this year and teaching him to navigate the waters of social media isn’t easy although it seems a little easier with a boy than a girl. In some ways, it’s not that different from when we were […]

What to Say to Your Kids about Suicide

Suggestions to make the talk about mental illness and suicide easier and more effective.

Teen Suicide Peaks in the Spring

What are the warning signs you should be looking for?

Should Kids Have Homework? One Superintendent Says “No.”

Read a Tips’ teen contributor’s view on being overworked: “Even God Rested on Sunday.” Starting this September, Long Beach elementary school students can say “good-bye” to “traditional” homework. I can hear the cheering from here. Instead, the district is asking children to “WRaP” every night: WONDER, READ, and PLAY. It’s a bold move because as parents, we have come to believe that homework is good practice for the […]

The Latest Drug You Need to Know About

What you need to know to protect your family.

Feeling the Pressure to Get a Dog? Here’s Why We Got Cats.

  Also Read: Babies & Dogs 101 Why We Adopted Not One—but Two–Cats. Ridgewood is a dog town. No one talks about their cats, turtles rabbits or birds. And lately, the pressure has been on. My kids were convinced that we were the last dogless family in Ridgewood. Even moms who had sworn they’d never get a […]


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