May 26, 2021
May 20, 2021
April 06, 2021

The Apathy Is Gonna Kill Us

You are in a jungle. You are being chased by a hungry lion. You have two choices, right? Stay and fight or run like the wind. Fight or flight is one of our most basic survival instincts in response to stress, but these aren’t the only two choices. Freeze is another. Fight, flight or freeze. […]

6 Tips for Surviving Virtual School

Here are 6 Tips to Help Us Survive Set a schedule and stick with it. Everyone should know what to expect out of each day. Don’t treat this as a free for all, sleep late, get your work done when you feel like it kind of stay-home. Get them up in the morning, try to do what you […]

Protecting Your Kids From Chronic Disease

Also read: Protecting Their Eyes from Screen Time For all the dieting and working out (and spending on dieting and working out) our society does, we still have a major problem, and the effects of it are being highlighted every time we turn on the news. Obesity and its oft companion, diabetes, are major risk […]

30+ Ideas for Your Elf on the Shelf

Still Need an Elf? Get Your Elf on the Shelf here.Remember when your Elf on the Shelf was content just sitting on a shelf? Those days are over! We live in a Pinterest perfect work and our elves are not immune! They get more creative every year and now require props, accessories and new outfits–some wearing Elf Couture! […]

How to See Santa This Year

This year is a different from other years; Santa needs to social distance too! But we discovered a way that your kids can still have a visit with Santa–virtually. Santa will virtually visit your family from his North Pole Home, via ZOOM for 10 minutes through North Pole Direct. Have your Christmas list ready and any […]

Tips for Trick or Treating Safely This Year

Looking for tips on how to trick or treat this year? Here are safety guidelines from the New Jersey Department of Health. For more information, go to Also Check Out 7 Tips for Getting Candy to Kids…in Clever, Socially Distanced Ways. Halloween Cocktails: Vanilla Pumpkin Martini DIY Halloween Costumes

7 Socially Distanced, Clever Ways to Get Your Candy to Trick or Treaters.

Ok, so Halloween, like lots of other things, isn’t going to be the same this year. But you can still treat your trick or treaters to something sweet–you just might have to be a little more creative. Here are 7 fun, social-distanced ideas to get the goods to your trick or treaters… Also Read: Safety Guidelines from the New […]

Are We Really All In This Together? Our Kids Don’t Think So.

Though the lawn signs and the marketing pitches may be telling us we are all in this together, the polar opposite feels true. Never before have we been so divided, so infected with hate, and so vulnerable to the judgement of others. I am feeling it acutely. It is raising my stress level, limiting my […]


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