October 02, 2018
September 19, 2018
September 18, 2018

8 Ways to Make School Lunch Fun

Brainstorm some fun lunch options together before food shopping, and use some of these tricks we found.

Preschool … a.k.a. Petri dish

Should you send a snotty preschooler into the classroom? When should you keep him home? Read more here.

How to Beat Back to School Anxiety

Also read: How to Relieve Teen Anxiety Watch what you say. Your children will take your vibe and run with it. If you are dreading the start of school, if you have anxiety about your child’s ability to succeed, if you are worried about the teacher she will get or already know she has, keep it […]

Beat Back to School Anxiety in 5 Easy Steps

We all suffer from some degree of Back to School anxiety. Here's how to help your kids manage it.

10 Things I’m Doing With My Kids This Summer

With its carefree days and lack of schedules, is there anything better than summer? I know for some parents, the thought of long days with no organized activity is a scary one. Don’t let it be. Embrace the freedom. Your kids CAN be bored. It is good for them. You can even plan for the […]

Is It Too Late to Finish Summer Reading?

The answer is, it depends. This is just about the time when I realize, each summer, that despite me telling the kids to read every day, they haven’t gotten very far. Despite my many suggestions to curl up and enjoy a book, some of the reading logs are still embarrassingly sparse. Could you imagine if […]

5 Tips for Beating the Heat

1. Who is susceptible to Heat Illness? Children under the age of 4 and adults over the age of 65 are at most risk of becoming ill from the heat. Obesity, certain medications, some chronic illnesses and being overdressed all further increase the risk. Today, I’m focusing on kids but the idea is pretty much the same […]

What You Say to the Ref Matters

What screaming at the ref does not say about you.


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