August 15, 2017
August 09, 2017

Sunburn Care

#1 rule: You have only yourself to blame.

5 things your teen should know how to do before they leave for college

College is fast approaching and for many teens that means leaving home for the first time.  My daughter included.  As I watch the days go by faster than I would like them to, I am left with so many questions.  Will she wake up for her early classes?  Will she be homesick?  Is the campus […]

Sleeping with Your Kids

When my kids were babies, I loved the feeling of that warm, little lump of a body resting heavily on my chest as they slept. Hearing their gentle breathing, inhaling their sweet baby smell is, to this day, one of my most comforting memories. I’d give anything to relive one of those moments. I looked […]

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program for Kids!

Thank Heavens Barnes & Noble is right up the block on Old Country Road here in Garden City – and for most of us not too far away!   The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program is here  encouraging children to read books of their own choosing and earn a FREE book, simply by following these […]

Our Kids Will Love Us No Matter What

Oh, and a short book review.

What Kind of Parent Would Send Their Kid Away for the Summer?!

This piece was originally published in July 2012. “Then, I grew up and met some of these “poor” people who had to spend their summer away from home and family. They made tons of friends, learned all kinds of new things, and all in all, had the times of their lives.” The whole camp thing was […]

10 Things I’ll Miss…When School is Out for the Summer.

School ends this week–in 24 hours, to be exact. My freedom days are over. 10 Things I’ll Miss the Most: 1. Going to the bathroom alone.  2. 6 glorious hours a day of silence 3. Leisurely, middle-of-the-day hair appointments. 4. Things staying where you put them and your house looking nice for a few hours. 5. Uninterrupted phone calls. 6. My Monday […]

5+ Reasons to Take Your Kids to See Wonder Woman

Read why I think the movie Wonder Woman stands out from all the other superhero action flicks and why you should see it.


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