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We Found a Fast-Food, Healthy, Preservative-Free Kids’ Meal!

Tired of unhealthy fast food options for the kids filled with sugar and preservatives? Panera has a new take on the average kids’ meal. While kids’ meals at most fast food chains are limited to 3 or 4 options–usually one that chicken nuggets–Panera is offering kids’ portions (and pricing) on 40 of their adult entrees. You […]

Should Student Athletes Have to Take PE?

Reprinted from May 2015 The other night, my daughter Madelyn (13), was lying on the couch, and said, “Ugh. I have gym first period tomorrow.” My initial reaction was to tell her to stop complaining — I have a very low tolerance for whining. But, then I thought about it.  She was exhausted from a […]

Tracking Your Teen: The Dark Side.

When I got my first beeper, I probably should have felt empowered. After all, it meant I would be first line in case of an emergency. That made me important, right? Instead, it made me feel like a dog on a leash. I valued it when I was at the hospital or on call, but […]

Adjusting to College

As a freshman in college you will likely feel inundated by your new and unfamiliar surroundings. You will be living in a new room, on a new campus, with new college-level academics, and a new social scene. The first few days, weeks, and even months of college may feel strange and overwhelming—this is completely natural, […]

A Must Read For Parents Of A College Freshman Or Boarding School

This is a great read for parents and students.

A Little Lunchtime Inspiration

Are school lunches making you and your kids grown? Are your kids tired of the same old thing and are you tired of their complaints? Read on for tips on creative, healthy lunches.

Back to School Blues: Early Mornings & Piles of Papers

By Shannon Albarelli, Psy.D. The mornings are getting colder, the smells are crisper, and the frenzy of thoughts surrounding school preparation is beginning.  For some, the structure of the school year is welcomed with open arms. For others, all they can think about is the early morning wake-ups, the paperwork, the homework, and the whole […]

10 Places I Hate That My Kids Love: A Happy Kid’s Bucket List

Ah, the things we do and the places we go for our children–places that were off our radar before kids and that now, we dread even being asked to go to. We pray that some other generous parent will offer take our child so we can cross it off their little happy child bucket list. And if we don’t take […]