Help Your Child Find the Perfect Costume

The costume can make or break the holiday. Choose and guide carefully.

When Halloween is Too Scary for Her

My 17 year old doesn’t like Halloween. She is the kid who double checks all the doors are locked every night and scolds my husband and me when we are lax about safety. It follows she wouldn’t care for a macabre holiday. She doesn’t understand why I would want fake blood, headless figures and  scary […]

Do Not Watch Sixteen Candles with Your Kids

What I thought was sharing part of my teenage years with my girls, turned into a revelation for me.

The 10 Best Pieces of Advice I Got When I Had a Baby

Parenting is a funny and unique thing. You think you will be great at it until you are actually doing it. This doesn’t happen with other skills. I never looked at a professional skier and thought, “Why would he do that? I would do it totally differently.” I never saw a surgeon make the first […]

Should You Read Your Child’s Texts?

Should you be checking in on your teen's primary method of communication?

Vaping 101

Why, oh why, does there always have to be something new to worry about?!? What the hell is vaping and why does it seem everyone is doing it? It all started with the introduction of e-cigarettes in 2007. Now, there are several different types of vaping devices, including MODS or advanced personal vaporizers and vape pens. […]

Simple Tips for a Better School Day

Morning tips for better days from school and home.

Everything You Need to Know About Lice from an Expert

We just received our third letter home from the school nurse letting us know that lice has been reported in several grades at our school. So if you clicked here, you’re probably feeling pretty lousy…literally. (Guess we all know the origins of the word “lousy” now.) Try not to freak out. Stay calm. You’re not the first […]


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