March 22, 2017
March 13, 2017
March 10, 2017
March 06, 2017

Ch- Ch- Ch- Chia!

Don't knock the Chia seed. You may know it better for its powers of growing mossy green "fur" or "hair" on cute and corny clay figurines. But those little seeds are chock full of super powers.

Dial Up the Romance – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Fan those bedroom embers with these tips.

Tammy’s 5-Minute Total Core (Almost) Crunchless Ab Workout

No time, no energy, no likey? I've got 6 crunchless exercises you can do any time to build up your core, tone your tummy and change that keg to a 6-pack.

Biceps & Hammer Curl

Get ready for February break. Start working on those tank top arms with these moves.

Pregnancy and Exercise: Yea or Nay?

Should you continue, or maybe even START exercising during your pregnancy?

Not a Gym Person? Than Get Out and Walk!

We all want to live and feel better but for some of us that doesn’t mean going to the gym. Personally, I fit the gym in a couple times a week but I balance it with hiking, walking and biking. Often, I only have 30 minutes to exercise so a quick walk or bike ride is […]

Tips for Successful Early Morning Exercise

Organizational tips to get you up and moving in the early mornings.

Club Pilates Is Open and Offering Free Demo Classes!

Club Pilates opened this week on East Broad Street. I am really excited to check this place out. The are offering some great things for their opening weekend. You can take a free demo class, enter raffles to win free clothing and classes, and take advantage of limited time membership discounts. It seems like a […]


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