How to Burn Calories…While Watching the Game!

Here’s your chance to sneak in some fitness WHILE watching the big game. Don’t miss one second of the game AND be able to watch all the commercials too. This workout will be completely dependent on the game so rather than sitting around mourning the Velveeta shortage, why not set up some friendly competitions with your viewing guests and add to the fun?


 10 Pushups for every penalty

10 Lunges per leg for each place kick

Squats for the duration of ALL replays

Forearm Plank for the duration of ALL timeouts of both teams

10 Jumping Jacks every time a team gets a 1st down

Jog on the spot for every beer commercial

15 Burpees every touch down (both teams)

10 full Sit-ups for every interception (both teams)

15 Crunches for every fumble

Remember, this is an equal opportunity workout so these rules apply for BOTH teams.

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Author: tammyjuco

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November 08, 2013

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