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Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to ditch your fitness routine. More and more hotels and resorts are making fitness a priority offering exercise classes and even personal trainers along with facilities and equipment that no longer look like they’re from the early 1970’s. But if that’s not possible, consider investing in a Band (tube or flat) or a couple at different tensile strengths for an incredibly inexpensive yet versatile piece of gym equipment that takes up less space than your bathing suit.


Take about 3-5 minutes to get your body and your mind warmed up for the workout. You can dance to a couple songs, do jumping jacks, jog on the spot, high knees, whatever gets your heart rate going and the blood flowing to your muscles.

*Band Workout:

15 Squats with a Bicep Curl – Place both feet on the band and hold the ends in your hands. Squat like there is a chair behind you and as you stand back up initiate the bicep curl – bringing your palms up to your shoulders. shutterstock_145023046-2

15 Pushups – These can be done against the wall, from your hips, your knees or your toes. At any level you can increase the intensity by placing the band around your upper back and under your arms holding it in position with your hands. As you push up there will be resistance from the band.shutterstock_204013960

15 Lat Pulls – Secure your band around a heavy piece of furniture (like a bed or sofa leg). Lie on your back with your head closer to the furniture, legs away and the ends of your band in your hands and arms stretched overhead (make sure the band is not too slack at this point). Keep feet flat, knees up (or feet OFF the floor for harder) and the palms face up with arms skimming the floor as you pull the band so you are bringing your elbows to your hips and then back overhead.

20 Resisted Crunch – In the same position as above, place your hands with the ends of the band onto your shoulders and keep them there during this exercise. Feet can be flat or off the floor. As you exhale crunch up lifting your shoulders off the floor toward your knees and back.

20 Resisted Reverse Crunch – With the band still around the furniture, tie off the loose ends to make a circle and place your feet in the circle so the band is tight against the tops of your feet. You are still on your back but your head is away from the band. Keeping the legs bent, feet flexed and off the floor, use your lower abs to lift your hips off the floor and bring your knees and feet towards your shoulders (the band will provide resistance against your feet) then slowly return to the start position.

15/15/15 Clam Shells – Tie the band around your thighs, just above your knees. Lying on your side, knees bent and feet together, open and close your top knee (like a clam). Do 15 reps then hold open for 15 counts, then pulse for 15. Repeat on the other side.shutterstock_97116233

15 Shoulder Press – Standing or kneeling on the band, start with hands (holding ends of band) at shoulder height then press up straightening your arms then slowly return to your shoulders. This can be done one arm at a time if the band is too short to do both arms together.shutterstock_151520003

CARDIO BREAK – take anywhere from 5 minutes or more to do a little cardio as in the warm-up- and then REPEAT all the exercises.

*Bands and tubes come in different tensile strengths (indicated by color) but you can easily adjust one band to provide the right amount of resistance for YOU for each specific exercise. By shortening up the band (wrapping it around your hand) you can make it more difficult like in the squats or lat pulls. By lengthening the band – you can make it a little easier like with the shoulder press. Standing closer to one end of your band and working one arm (instead of standing in the middle trying to do both arms together).

shutterstock_260789081Also note that some bands come with, or for about $5, you can buy a door anchor that can solve the problem of finding sturdy, secure pieces of furniture.



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