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Want to feel like a Super bowl superstar? Try doing Tire Runs to work those legs, the core and burn off (or balance out) all the chips and beer. This move of the week is very similar to High Knees, but with a little twist. Now I don’t know many people who keep extra tires around but if you happen to be one of these than you’re set, if, like me, you do not have this luxury, you can fake it til you make it. Use hoola hoops, ring toss rings, drill cones or good old masking tape. Set up your “tires” down the length of your yard, a field or hallway (you’ll want at least 10 feet or more). Stagger the tires, hoops, rings or combo of all like giant footsteps (the goal is to have your feet land inside). If you use cones, tape or some other marker, stagger them where your feet would land. Standing tall, engage the abdominals and alternately lift your knees waist high and wide (in order to land within the “tires” and not trip over the equipment). Run down the length of your line as fast as you can, turn around and repeat for time (30-60 seconds) or reps (5-10 times). To keep this low impact (and easier on your joints) always keep one foot on the ground while lifting the other. You can march or jog lightly on the spot to recover and repeat this 3X.

Notes: Let your arms do what feels natural (usually pump in opposition of the driving knee). Regulate your breathing as you would any cardio exercise – no holding your breath.

Options: If space is at a premium, do this exercise in place with the above listed equipment OR consider using a bench or low but narrow table that you can readily straddle – this will force your legs to stay wide and then work to bring the knees up to waist height. If you have absolutely NO equipment – no fear – just assume the position of feet wider than hip width apart and keep the knees high and wide while running on the spot.

Harder: Increase the pace of your run; put your hands behind your head; hold your hands out at shoulder height; raise your arms straight overhead.


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Author: tammyjuco

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