Move of the Week: Dead Lift

This slightly advanced move of the week is amazing for your glutes and hammies. Your form and correct technique will make the difference between a great behind and a very sore lower back. Standing with feet about shoulder width apart and weights in hand, square your shoulders down and back, and engage your abs. Slowly […]

Glutes, Hammies, Core and More

Don’t be fooled by this week’s deceptively easy exercise. The key to this exercise is to NOT move and maintain your balance using all of your core muscles and the stabilizer muscles in the spine, hips, knees and ankles.

Rock Your Minis with Confidence

If your knees are not your favorite asset, this move of the week will help tone and sculpt them just in time for shorts season.

Ramp Up the Intensity

Burn more calories and see more changes when you add a little more intensity.

Train Like a Pro

Throw this training drill into your workout routine to rev up your intensity, fat burning ability and fun.

It’s All in the Curtsey

Dancers have great legs for a reason. Try this modified lunge for ultimate lower body sculpting.

80’s Revival – Donkey Kicks

This throwback to a popular 80's exercise is still just as effective today, especially with my updated version.

She’s Got Legs!

You don't need Squat Racks to get gorgeous gams, in fact you don't even need to leave your house with this awesome move of the week.

Swimmer’s Back – No Water Required

Streamline your back muscles and improve your posture with this move of the week.

Runner’s Start

An intensive lower body cardio move of the week.


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September 18, 2016