Swimmer’s Back – No Water Required

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Sometimes it’s the little things that count the most. With this move of the week you will work the ENTIRE length of your back while engaging your core for stabilization. A bonus: the arms and legs will get a little love too. This move, also known as the Pilates Swim, is terrific for re-aligning the spine and improving posture. Lie face down with arms over head and feet together. Engage the abs and lift arms and legs off the floor at the same time. You will immediately feel your back muscles kick in. From here alternate lifting and lowering your legs and arms in opposition (right arm and left leg lift while left arm and right leg lower) then switch. Try to go quickly like swimming and not touching the floor in between. Try for 15 reps on each side; for 30 seconds or longer, or use in the Tabata workout I’ve posted this week.

Notes: Keep the abs engaged and breathe throughout. Keep your shoulders pressed down your back as there will be a tendency to shrug them to the ears as you fatigue. Keep the movements small but quick and precise – stay in control. Also keep looking down at your mat so your neck is aligned with the rest of the spine.

Easier: Take out the quickness and just alternate the arm and leg lifts resting the other limbs on the floor in between reps.

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