December 11, 2016
December 09, 2016
December 08, 2016
December 07, 2016

Marietta’s Holiday Wish list

Our lovely Chatham-Madison Tipster Marietta Iacouzzi, shares her 3 top picks for Christmas. If you happen to see her hubby around town, pass this on to him, please!   Cleaning Products for the Clean Kitchen Fanatic Those who know me know that I am a fanatic when it comes to a clean kitchen. Obviously my niece caught on […]

The Vitamin for Healthy Hair and Skin

In the last few months, I started noticing that my hair felt thinner and was breaking more easily. My sister-in-law, a rheumatologist, suggested I try Biotin. She said that she recommends it to many of her patients who experience thinning hair as a side effect from their medications.  Vitamin H, more commonly known as biotin, is part of the […]

My Favorite Oil For The Winter And More

This is a wonderful find at an unbeatable price.

The Two Best Hair Products For More Volume

The best hair product to give you volume!

My Favorite Eyelash Curler

The best eye lash curler I have ever used and it's worth every penny. Curls my lashes beautifully!

Skin Care For Your Preteen

Some days, it is all I can do to not chase them around the house with an anti-acne cleanser, an exfoliator and some Clearasil.

Must Have Beauty App

The best beauty app out there.

Tattoos for Tweens

So is middle school too young for a tattoo? Not if it’s a henna tattoo!  To celebrate the start of school, I took my 11-year-old and her friend to go get Henna tattoos. For just five dollars, they did a beautiful and unique henna tattoo on the girls hands. I thought it was so beautiful that […]


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