Try Turkish Get-Ups

The move of the week requires the whole body to work in unison – with a strong core component and many modifications to fit any fitness level. Lie flat on your back with your legs extended, one hand out to the side and the other extended straight above you (keep this arm position throughout the move).

As you exhale:
• engage your abdominals to sit up
• get one foot under you and with the help of the free arm
• push up onto both feet
• and then stand all the way up tall.
• Inhale and as you exhale lower down to a seating and then lying position with CONTROL.

That is one rep.  Repeat this for 5-10 reps and as this gets easier, modify the exercise to make it more challenging.

Notes: Work with your breath so you are not holding it during this exercise. Move in a smooth and controlled manner without any jerking. Always keep the one arm above your head.

Easier: If you are a beginner or have weaker abs, only do the sit up portion. Once you become stronger, use both hands if needed, to help you get started from your bum to your feet. Try to rely more on your abs than your hands to move through the exercise.

Harder: Increase the reps to 15-20; Increase the speed in which you do them BUT maintain good form; Do NOT use the free hand to assist you (keep it crossed over your chest throughout). Do the movement with both hands clasped behind your head, both hands held straight overhead, add a weight to the overhead arm – make sure to switch sides with the weight, both hands holding weights overhead.

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