20+ Cool Science Experiments for Kids

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Whether you have a Science Fair coming up or you’re just looking for things to do while the kids are “unplugged,” bringing science to life can be fun, mind-broadening…and even delicious (see our chocolate experiments below!)  So here are a few of our favorites experiments to do as a family. As you begin, be sure to discuss how the project will work and ask questions along the way such as “I wonder why…” or “What do you think would happen…” to get your child’s wheels turning.

1. Explain How Glow Sticks Work.
Science nerd Steve Splangler explains how they work in this video. You can also read about how they work here.

2. Why Does Ivory Soap Float?
Find out when you stick it in the microwave!

3. POP!
Find out what happens when you force one nail vs many against balloons. Check it out.

4. Growing Gummy Bears
Learn about osmosis with gummy bears. Add gummy bears to salt water and watch them grow. Check it out.

5. Ice Cream in a Bag
A favorite because you have a delicious, all-natural treat at the end. All you need is milk, sugar, salt and ice! See how here.

6. Do McDonald’s Burgers Last Forever?

We heard the rumor that if you put a McDonalds hamburger on a shelf, it won’t change. So, we bought 2 McDonalds hamburgers and fried up a homemade burger and put this rumor to the test.

7. Make a Tornado in a Bottle
Find out how 
to make a swirling tornado with 2 bottles with water.

8. Chewing Gum
Have the kids get several different brands of chewing gum and record which one loses its flavor first. See if there’s a correlation between the amount of sugar and how long the flavor lasts. See more. 

This would fascinate kids. Make rainbow roses by splitting the stems. Place each one in food coloring the roses draw the liquid coloring into the petals. Check it out.

10. Make Your Own Clouds.
Find out how to make clouds form in a bottle using a bicycle pump and alcohol.

11. Still Obsessed with Slime?
There are lots of experiments to run with your slime like…what happens if you add more glue? Or what happens if you don’t add water? Or compare clear glue vs colored glue.

12. Can Slime be Magnetic?
It can if you add iron filings to it!

13. Eat Chocolate in the Name of Science!
Place a piece of chocolate that is at room temperature on your tongue. Compare it to when it’s frozen. Do they taste the same? Find out why not.

14. Diva Lava Lamp
One of the most popular projects from handsonaswegrow.com is the DIY Lava Lamp. It’s a super-simple chemistry project with a colorful twist.

15. Hot Chocolate-Lovers Experiment
Find out which temperature of water dissolves the hot chocolate the quickest? Will it dissolve at room temperature? Then drink your best results!

16. Make a Crystal Egg
What better activity to do with them turn a regular egg into a crystal egg? Learn all about the crystallization process with geodes on Martha Stewart’s website.

17. Rock Candy
Rock candy is candy made by crystallizing sugar. You can grow sugar crystals yourself, plus add color and flavor to make rock candy that you can eat. Here is a recipe from the Gluesticks blog.  Try to be patient enough to wait a week to taste them!

18. How to Make a Bouncy Ball
Curbly has posted on how to make bouncy balls from common household products. Borax Balls, cornstarch, glue, food coloring, and water.

19. Which Grows Mold The Fastest
Which food will mold grow on faster: bread, milk, bananas or cheese? While completing the project, you will discover how quickly certain foods spoil and grow mold when you do not properly store them, such as placing them in a refrigerator.

20. And for the Super Ambitious…Make Your Own Volcano.
Get ready to get messy with your own get messy paper mache exploding volcano.

21. More Projects
Parenting Magazine has an entire section devoted to science fair projects. Including an article on 10 Easy Science Fair Projects for Kids which has the coolest experiments you can try at home, including color-changing milk and a Mentos Diet Coke geyser. Also check out Scientific American’s projects

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