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20+ Fun, Crazy Science Experiments for Kids

Also Read: Our Staff’s Favorite Vacation Getaways Whether you have a Science Fair coming up or you’re just looking for things to do while the kids are “unplugged,” bringing science to life can be fun, mind-broadening…and even delicious (see our chocolate experiments below!)  So here are a few of our favorites experiments to do as a family. As you […]

Science Project: Ice Cream in a Bag

My daughter did this one in 3rd grade and loved it mostly because she had a delicious treat in the end. It was amazing to see the liquid turn to solid just from shaking it! And it was so cold we had to wear gloves to hold the bag! More Science Projects What You’ll Need: […]

Our Favorite Science Project Ideas

The science fair is coming and your child has yet to choose a science fair project. Our staff put together a few of our favorites below. Discuss project ideas with your child. Pose questions such as “I wonder why…” or “What do you think would happen…” to help your child choose. POP! Find out what […]

Science Fair Project: Rainbow Roses

This would fascinate kids and it’s an easy one…and a pretty one. Make a bouquet of rainbow roses: 1. Split the stems. 2. Place each end in a different color food coloring. The roses will draw the liquid coloring into the petals.   15+ of Our Must-Have Family Games.

My Favorite Science Fair Experiment: Balloons!

Question: Find out how much pressure is needed to pop a balloon? Looking for an easy, but hands-on and fun science fair experiment? My kids, and by kids I mean I, have done this one twice. My nieces and nephews, and by nieces and nephews I mean my sisters, have done it a few times […]


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