Valentine’s Day Friendship Brunch

Not everyone’s idea of a perfect valentine involves a guy. For me, it’s about being with friends. Hosting a Valentine’s Friendship brunch is a perfect way to gather together the women you know for some good food, good company and lots of laughs. With some creative ideas, you can be on your way to hosting a celebration of friendship.

Bake a few casseroles like:

Bake a quiche or casserole ahead of time.
Use fresh produce from the farmers’ market and make our Tomato Corn Pie.
Or one of our other favorites:
French toast bites,
Potato-Cheddar Quiche
Caramelized Pear & Gorgonzola Quiche

Tomato & Goat Cheese Bake
Ham Hash
Potato, Sausage & Spinach Breakfast Casserole.
Bite-size easy egg florentine muffins,
Mini Veggie Fritattas

Cocktails are a must.
Serve mimosas. Have some virgin cocktails available too.
Or serve a refreshing fruit infused water, lemonade or ice tea.
Here are a few of our favorites:
Watermelon Spiked (or Not) Lemonade
Grown-Up Frozen Lemonade
Classic Firefly Cocktail
Raspberry Cooler
Tequila Thyme Lemonade
 Herbal-Infused Champagne Cocktails

Set the mood with a beautiful table.
Set the table with flowers your friends can bring home. You can make your own pretty vases with help from the blog for Michaels’ Craft Stores

Bright on the Day blog

See a Fabulous Fete has beautiful ideas for your Valentine’s Day table. 

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