It’s Green & It’s Good for You. Find Out Why.

Does kale nutritionally stand up to all the hype? It sure does. You want food that packs a punch, think dark green leaves. As Popeye was aware, spinach is another amazing source of vitamins and nutrients, providing more fiber, magnesium and iron than kale.

• Kale is rich in vitamins A and K

• It’s a great source of calcium.

• Cooked kale gives you more iron per ounce than beef.

• It’s rich in antioxidant vitamin C.

• It provides 900% of your RDA of vitamin K. Vitamin K prevents bone loss, especially important after menopause.


Chicken and Kale Casserole:
So Yummy That You’d Never know It’s Good for You.

Kale & Mango Quinoa

Try Our Coconut Kale Smoothie

What’s on the Side? Crunchy Kale Slaw

A Simple Tuscan Kale Salad 

Barley & Kale Salad with Golden Beets & Feta

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.