A Show You Cannot Miss

Through Sunday, October 29, 2017 Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of viewing Dale Chihuly’s glass works of art in many places. Most notable, was at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem. To see that bright, colorful, fragile glass against the rough, craggy edges  of historic stone was a sight that has remained […]

Hot New Shoes for Kids This Fall Already Selling Out

I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of little feet lighting up the sidewalks to school: The Sketchers Energy Lights. My daughter saw these on display before they came out and has been talking about them ever since. When I went to grab a pair for her, they were already sold […]

Back to School Brunch

The stress-free days of waking up late and not having to be anywhere are over.  But just think of all the things you can do once school has started without children in tow. So in celebration of this event, have a mommy brunch with your friends. After taking the kids to the first day of school, […]

Pets: In or Out of the “Family” Bed?

There are obviously two sides to every story – and this one gets a lot of heat from both sides. Some people are so in love with their pets that they dress them up in daily outfits, take them to Pet Spas, Portrait Studios and even therapists.Then, there are those that treat their pets as animals […]

End summer boredom at Round 1 in Hicksville

  “I’m bored.”  I think this is one of the most irritating things to hear from my child during the summer.  Kids spend all year waiting for summer break and when it comes they suddenly have nothing to do.   In my quest to entertain my children (I know that’s wrong, but I need to […]

Eclipse Watching – South Shore Long Island- My Take

  OK, so I don’t know why, but normally as two teachers off on Summer vacation we would pay more attention to “Solar Eclipse 2017” heading our way. We did not. We scurried around trying desperately to find the appropriate glasses at all the 7-11’s and libraries etc. My son ransacked Target, Walmart and the […]

2 For 1 Broadway Tickets

Now is your chance to see a few shows half price.

Must See “Come From Away”

This is a must see musical show for the whole family.


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