Kids Aren’t a Buffet

And, you shouldn't want them to be.

8 Great Halloween Events with Kids

There’s no shortage of family fun for the kids during the Halloween season. Why wear those cute costumes only once when there are 8 great places to show them off! Coventry Trick-or-Treat  •   Friday, October 27th  •  5:30 – 7:30 PM  Join us for candy, treats, and Halloween crafts from your favorite Coventry Village shops & […]

More Places Kids Love…and Parents Hate: The Sugar Factory.

Somehow I dodged the bullet on this one for awhile. But I finally was tricked into going to The Sugar Factory, a place that kids love…and most parents hate. The day started with my suggestions of a culturally-rich day of art hitting the Whitney. Little did I know, that the downtown Sugar Factory was across the street. […]

Moms, can we be honest?

I’m watching TV and a paper towel commercial comes on.  It’s a mom and her little kid in an expansive white kitchen.  Her kid spills juice all over the counter, the floor, and his clothes.  Mom smiles, grabs a roll of paper towels and they both have a good laugh together. Now, I remember vividly […]

Spooky Walk

Getting the perfect costume can be very time consuming.  It is such a shame to only wear it for that one party or trick or treating so why not spend an evening in your costume on a spooky walk?  When my kids were younger (and still let me join them!) one of my favorite things […]

Teen Depression Might Not Look Like You’d Expect

By Shannon Albarelli, Psy.D. The dreaded teen years can be a trying and tumultuous time for both the adolescent and the adults in their lives. When a parent watches their once happy-go-lucky child transform into a moody teen, it can be a upsetting and often bewildering. Although adults expect teens to act moody, sometimes the […]

Make Yourself Your Newest Hobby

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs that exist.  The time that I spent with my babies were some of the most magical years of my life.  I watched my kids grow and become actual people I wanted to be around.  Today they are 15 and 18 and are beginning to flourish […]

DIY Halloween Costumes

I’m all for buying already-made costumes, but some…you just can’t find. Like an exit sign. Yes, my daughter asked to be an exit sign 2 years ago. Here are a few of our favorite DIY costumes–some easier than others. A Light-Up Exit Sign My daughter was the safest kid on the streets the year we […]


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