35+ Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

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In our family, there are three people who are gluten-free. I have two nieces with celiac disease, and I have been gluten free for about 6 years. The first few years after diagnoses were made, Thanksgiving was a challenge, but we have since gotten the hang of it. We have gluten-free options for almost every dish, and some of our favorites are just naturally GF.

Anything you make the regular way, you can sub GF bread and flour to make it gluten-free. It doesn’t taste exactly the same, but if the whole dish needs to be GF, it is an option.

If, like us, you only have a couple of people in need of GF options, this stuffing mix and this gravy is the best we’ve come across. Aleia’s Gluten Free Stuffing and McCormick GF Turkey Gravy. Neither is as good as homemade, but throw some candied sweet potatoes in at the same time and it is a party in your mouth.

We are giving thanks for some of our favorite recipes, which are delicious and celiac friendly…

A P P S…

1. Create a Beautiful Cheese Plate
Make a work of art arranding a plate filled with cheese, fruit, meats, olives, nuts and gluten-free crackers.

2. Bacon-Wrapped Dates
A few of these may raise my cholesterol… but it will be sooo worth it!

3. Artichoke & Brie Dip
Serve this creamy brie app topped with cheesy herbed artichokes with a plate of gluten-free crackers or bread.

4. Hot Caramelized Onion, Bacon & Cheese Dip
Melted cheese, bacon and caramelized onions? What’s not to love. Serve with gluten free crackers or apple slices.

5. Simple Crudite with Dip
Put some color into your Thanksgiving with a healthy plate of crudite.

6. Shrimp Cocktail
This has to be the easiest app out there and one that everyone enjoys. Splurge on a few pounds of shrimp!

7. Zucchini Bottomed “Pizza” Bites
You won’t miss bread a bit with these cheesy, tasty zucchini pizza bites.

8. Sweet & Tangy Healthy Hummus

T H E  B I R D…

9. Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast
Lucky for us, the main course, the bird, is gluten free. Making a turkey breast is a great option if dinner is just a few people.

10. Deep-Fried Turkey
Once you deep fry your turkey, we swear, you’ll never go back.

11. Roast Turkey Breast with Cranberry Glaze

S I D E S…

12. Wild Rice with Cremini Mushrooms
Rice is naturally GF, so add anything you want, as long as it doesn’t contain wheat.

13. String Bean Casserole
A step up from the casserole your mother made with Campbell’s soup using homemade gluten-free onion rings.

14. Sweet, Sweet Potatoes
My grandmother’s sweet potatoes: they might not be healthy, but they are a crowd pleaser, and they are naturally gluten-free.

15. Garlic Mashed Potatoes
This is extra creamy comfort food.

16. Fennel Mashed Potatoes
Upgrade ordinary mashed potatoes with aromatic fennel.

17. Spicy Chipotle-Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Give some zing to your sweet potatoes with chipotle puree!


18. Cranberries, Cherries & Cloves
A Little Sweeter than the Traditional Recipe

19. Classic Gluten-Free Stuffing
Use gluten-free bread cubes (you can find them at Whole Foods) and gluten-free chicken broth. Add some sausage, and you’ll never know the difference.


20. Cauliflower with Hazelnuts
Steamed fresh cauliflower intensifies in flavor with the addition of toasted hazelnuts and brown butter.

21. Roasted Rainbow Carrots
Add color to your table with rainbow carrots.

22. Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/Balsamic Glaze & Pancetta
Not a fan of brussels sprouts?  Think again.  Pancetta (or bacon) makes EVERYTHING better!


23. Rutabaga & Apple Mash
Fool everyone into thinking they’re eating mashed potatoes when they’re really eating rutabaga, a rich source of calcium, magnesium, potassium.


Rutabaga-&-Apple Mash

24. Lemon Maple Squash
We love this simple, yet stunning side from the Food Network. Coat thick wedges of butternut squash with maple syrup and lemon, then roast them.

25. Quinoa with Arugula-Mint Pesto

26. Carrots Glazed w/Honey & Brandy
Dress your cooked carrots up with a brandy-honey glaze/

Carrots Glazed w:Honey & Brandy

27. Blistered Green Beans with Tomato-Almond Pesto
This gluten-free dish has some kick with cayenne and be made a few hours ahead.

28. Spice-Roasted Cauliflower

29. 3 Ingredient Corn Muffins
Here’s an easy recipe for skillet-baked muffins from the Celiac Disease Foundation.

S A L A D S…

30. Not Your Average Kale Salad
Trade out the traditional lettuce for heart-healthy kale salad that’s packed with flavor and crunch.

31. Simple Arugula Salad

32. Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Salad
This salad featuring beets that are rich in antioxidants has 2 of our favorite things: candied walnuts and creamy goat cheese.

33. Pomegranate, Pears, Pecans, & Brie
This salad is a show-stopper, full of texture and flavors.

D e s s e r t s…

34. Pumpkin Pie
It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie! Here’s an easy as pie recipe from Betty Crocker using Gluten Free Rice Flour.

35. Apple Crisp
Even if I wasn’t gluten free, I would prefer this to a traditional apple pie.

36. Gluten-Free Apple Pie
If you want to take a stab at a gluten-free apple pie, give this one a shot.


B E V E R A G E S…

Favorite Gluten Free Beers
Nothing goes better with football than a freezing cold beer. For me, the perfect beer is something not too filling. My three faves are (in no particular order)

  1. Glutenberg Blonde (yellow label) Super refreshing and comes in a 16oz can, so you get more bang when you have just one;)
  2. Omission Pale Ale (blue label) Tastes like a real beer, but still light and goes with anything.
  3. Corona Light — I know it is a summer beer, but it seems appropriate this year. There is some debate as to whether Corona is GF enough for people with true celiac, so ask your guests what they enjoy before you hit the store. My body tells me if I have even a little wheat, and I never have a problem with Corona Light.

And, if you are on the spiked seltzer bandwagon, they are all GF. Suddenly, being gluten free doesn’t seem all that challenging, right?

Cocktails and Wine
Most hard alcohol and all wine is naturally Gluten Free. While most mixers are completely fine, just watch out for sweet liqueurs and read the labels.

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Author: Karen Latimer

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