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Karen is a Family Physician, Wellness Coach, and founder of Tips From Town. She is passionate about sharing her medical expertise, her coaching techniques and her parenting experience to encourage happier and healthier lives.

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Virtual Education from Valley Hospital

Valley’s Fall Health Series is spot on … these are all concerns I hear often from patients, friends and family. Since virtual is the new way to learn, why not take advantage of these convenient, FREE classes from Valley on medical topics you may be thinking about? Overall health and wellness is as important now as […]

You Can Have a Healthier Semester with dormMD

Introducing personalized, convenient, excellent healthcare in the privacy of your own dorm!

Should You Pack Blue Light Glasses for College?

Originally published by dormMD, but our kids don’t have to be in college to benefit from some eye protection, as the fall is going to mean hours more in front of screens. Little kid sizes are available too! I just bought some for myself and my 10 year olds. For $20 on Amazon, it’s worth a try. […]

Boost Your Immune System to Avoid Quarantine in College

Published by dormMD. To learn more about partnering with dormMD to ensure a healthy, happy college career, click here. There have never been so many reasons to focus on giving your immune system a boost. Here are just a couple. First of all, the obvious, if you are exposed to the novel coronavirus, you want […]

Screens are STILL Bad for Your Kids

An article popped up on my news feed the other day that stopped me in my tracks. The media has hit a new low in its biased reporting and its crusade to sway your opinion. The headline is, “Screen Time and Kids: Parents Need to Worry Less About Hours Logged.” Whew! Right? Thank goodness CNN has […]

Childcare and Education Options From the Ridgewood Y

As a member of the board at the Ridgewood Y, I am proud we are able to offer some options to parents struggling to navigate the next school year. I have been so impressed by the CEO and the staff, and their creative ability to pivot and continue to serve the community. The Ridgewood Y […]

Update: Great News About COVID-19

Also Read… Masks and Your Child:What We DON’T Know I realize good news is hard to come by, doesn’t sell a lot of papers and makes selling an agenda more difficult. However, in the midst of all the decisions about how we can protect our children and their teachers and provide an education, in the […]

10+ Tips For Avoiding Maskne (Acne from Your Mask)

Do you know what Maskne is? Unfortunately, I do, because I have a mild case of it. Maskne is acne on your cheeks and chin caused by face masks. We are all trying to navigate the new world of face coverings, some of us opting for bejeweled, and some of us opting for the most […]

Masks and Your Child — What we don’t know

Also Read: Great News About COVID-19 Normally, in an informational post, I try to focus only on what I know to be fact, what is widely accepted in the medical community, and what is supported in the literature. I also write posts based solely on opinion, and I hope I make it clear in the text […]

Thinking of Traveling? Check the List of Quarantined States First

Planning a road trip? Make sure to check out the most recent list of COVID-19 hotspots before you go. On Tuesday, July 14, New Jersey added four states to its coronavirus quarantine travel advisory. Governor Murphy asked that travelers, including New Jersey residents, who arrive from these states are being asked to voluntarily self-quarantine for two weeks and to take a coronavirus test. (Delaware came off […]