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Karen is a Family Physician, Wellness Coach, and founder of Tips From Town. She is passionate about sharing her medical expertise, her coaching techniques and her parenting experience to encourage happier and healthier lives.

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Neck Pain During Quarantine

I’ve had about ten people complain to me of neck pain in the last week or so, including my husband, my 18 year old daughter and myself. It isn’t difficult to understand why. We are all looking down more than up, sleep habits because of schedule changes, alcohol ingestion and stress have changed and the […]

Park West Tavern is Feeding Our Valley Heroes

It is so important to acknowledge the important work being done by so many, including those who are supporting our front line healthcare workers. Thank you to Park West Tavern for supplying meals for the doctors, nurses, and staff of Valley Hospital!! If you are in a position to help this effort, you can do […]

30+ Your Essential Quarantine Playlist

Also Read: 60+ Things to Do While You’re Quarantined We were bored. The girls and I made this playlist. It couldn’t be helped! Hit shuffle and play name that tune with your kids. If you have any songs to add, we’d love to hear it. We are sure we are missing some obvious ones. Email us […]

Photos For A Coronavirus Cause

Also Read: 35+ Things to Do with Bored Kids I absolutely love this project, and want to thank Lena for letting us know about it, and of course, for her effort to do something good in the midst of all this madness. Lena Antaramian of Live Love Laugh Photos is a photographer and small business owner. Like so […]

Invite Your Family to a House Party

My niece, who was turning 25, invited her family to her bedroom for a cocktail party last week. She sent an invite, cleaned and prepped, they all put on some decent clothes, and my sister told me how nice it was “to get out of the house.” I copied the idea yesterday. Rather than just […]

An Herbal Remedy for Anxiety

Anxiety is on the rise. I blame cell phones and social media — so does just about anyone else who has given it some thought.. Since it looks like these two stress-boosting phenomenons are going no where, we have to adjust around them. As a physician, I am obligated to say the best way to reduce […]

The Fallout We Need to Consider

The dark humor abounds. Funny videos are hitting my inbox, and my texts are blowing up with memes about the increased need for alcohol and the decreased need for toilet paper — we all seem to have much more than we need. I appreciate the laughs, I really do. I need them. As I’ve learned the […]

How to Avoid the Quarantine-15

It has been two days of homeschooling, and one thing is clear. This is unhealthy on many levels. It is not only the general health of our kids, who are unnaturally stuck inside and socially isolated, at risk. It is not just the already apparent damage to my sanity. It is our waistlines that may […]

13 Ideas for Leprechaun Mischief

Also read: Is Guinness Really Good for You? The leprechaun is the elf on the shelf of March. Thankfully, it is only one day — though I’m sure some entrepreneurial parent is going to find a way to make us pay good money for a tradition we never wanted to start in the first place. […]

6 Tips For Staying Sane during School Shutdowns

Also Read: 5 Good Things About CoronavirusMy kids are “learning from home” for the next two weeks (at least.) This is unprecedented and stressful, but there is no getting around it, so I think we have no other choice but to buckle down and make the most of it. Read: How we can reframe this crisis. […]


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