HAZE: A Must Watch Documentary With Your Teens!

Please, please, please sit down and watch this with your teenagers!!!

Haze is a tragic story of what happened to Gordie Bailey his freshman year at college. On the afternoon of September 16, 2004, Lynn Gordon Bailey Jr., pledged Chi Psi Fraternity at the University of Colorado. The next morning he was found dead, a victim of an irresponsible hazing ritual involving alcoholViewer discretion is advised; this is not for young children. It is graphic and that is the way his parents wanted it.

Gordie’s parents are hoping that Gordie’s story will teach kids a lesson and maybe save a life. If you have a teen who is in high school or college, you need to sit down and watch this film with your teen. We lecture our kids non-stop on drinking and driving. What most of us don’t do is lecture them that too much alcohol will kill them or one of their friends. Whether your child drinks or doesn’t drink this is a documentary that teaches them what they should do if they see someone they think may need help.

I have a son who is a senior and we sat down and watched it with him. And then we talked…a lot. I have now added to my list of lectures that drinking hard liquor will kill them. I am a little extreme I know, but I think you have to be in this situation. My father was killed by a drunk driver so my children get that first hand. This is something that is more removed but is happening. I want them made aware before they head off to college, prom and graduation parties. It can only help to educate them more on this topic. I personally know many teens that have been taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. They were the lucky ones. Once they get to college, there are not as many people looking out for them. Please, please, please sit down and watch this with your teenagers!!!


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