Am I Drinking Too Much?

A cold beer on a hot beach, a red wine in front of the fire or a margarita at a girls’ night out … all things I really look forward to. I am over 21. I see nothing wrong taking a break from the stress of the every day with an alcoholic beverage … or two … sometimes […]

Daddies to Be: Put That Beer Down Now

 Also read: Are You Drinking Too Much? The headline is, “Dads-to-be should stop drinking 6 months before conception for baby’s heart health, study says.” I have to admit, my first reaction to this CNN article, was well, it is about frigging time the father has to give up something! I spent 40 months of my life, not including […]

Are You Drinking Too Much?

A cold beer on a hot beach, a chilled white wine on a front porch or an icy margarita at a backyard party … all things I really look forward to. With less driving, more socializing and fewer responsibilities, many of us get our drink on during the summer months. I am over 21. I […]

Should You Tell Your Kids to Drink Responsibly?

Prom season used to make me think limos and dresses and fun. Now, it makes me think kids and booze and sex. It isn’t my age doing this to me, it is the age of my oldest daughters. They are 15 and 16. Year by year, I am losing my let-the-kids-be rock anthem-type attitude. It is alright for other people’s […]

Should You Tell Your Kids to Drink Responsibly?

Prom season is almost upon us. What can be done about the dangers of teenage drinking?

What To Buy Your College Freshman And The Conversations You Need To Have Before They Go

Here are tips for things you need and conversations you must have with your child before they head off to college.

HAZE: A Must Watch Documentary With Your Teens!

Please watch this with your teens. It may save their life!!

Prevent Post-Party Symptoms With These Tips

It's all fun and good times until the next morning. Dealing with a celebratory hangover.

A Better Night’s Sleep Starting Tonight

If you dream of a good night's sleep, I've got 4 tips to help you do just that.

Summer Drinking — How Much is Too Much?

Don't read this if you are going out tonight ... the answer may surprise you.


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