Top 3 Do-Anywhere Exercises

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With just these three exercises you can target your entire body anywhere/anytime. Using only your bodyweight and requiring minimal space, there leaves NO room for excuses not to work out.

MOVE 1: The Squatwellness, health, fitness, exercise, body weight, pushup, squat, plank, burpee

When performed properly, a squat uses the largest muscles in our bodies (glutes and legs) which burns more calories but if you add weights or modify to a plyometric move (add a jump between) you can torch those calories. This move is imperative for beginners to advanced fitness levels, young and old as it mimics everyday movements of sitting and standing. When performing a squat keep your weight in your mid-foot and heels (you should be able to wiggle those toes). Keep your knees over your feet and sit your bum back like your sitting in a chair.

Beginners: Actually use a chair to sit down and stand up from. Try just touching your bottom to the seat and then standing.

Advanced: Add weight and or turn it into a jump squat

MOVE 2: The Pushupwellness, health, fitness, exercise, body weight, pushup, squat, plank, burpee

One of the most groaned about exercises is actually one of the best for us as it targets so many areas of the upper body (which often is neglected by runners and cyclists and women in general). Yes it’s tough and if it’s really difficult for you, this may be an indication that you need to do more. A proper pushup targets the chest muscles, shoulders, arms, back and core. A proper push-up requires you to maintain a straight line from head to heel (no sagging hips; bums in the air or drooping heads). Hands are about shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Lower to your chest or nose and push back up. Slower is harder.

Beginner: Do these at an angle against the wall or incline against a table or counter. Move to your hands and knees (hips over your knees) and hinge from your hips just lowering your upper body. Drop your hips forward forming a straight line from head to knees.

Advanced: One-foot pushups, weighted pushups; decline pushups (feet higher than your hands); plyo pushups (add a clap between each pushup)

MOVE 3: The Plankwellness, health, fitness, exercise, body weight, pushup, squat, plank, burpee

This is probably one of THE best ways to work your core muscles (front, back, and sides) as well as shoulders, chest and indirectly targets the legs and glutes. Place hands or forearms directly under the shoulders and form a straight line, or PLANK from head to knees or head to toes and hold for a set time or until you cannot maintain the proper form.

Beginner: Do this move against a wall or table or counter (like the pushup).

Advanced: Hold longer; lift one leg off floor; use an unstable surface like an exercise ball or BOSU to place feet or hands/forearms.

BONUS MOVE: The (dreaded) Burpee

The notorious Burpee spreads fear far and wide but is so effective as a super-move. It combines all three exercises above into one and can be ramped up to also provide cardio resulting in an epic one-exercise-hits-all move.

Want some more bodyweight exercises? Check out Fits Me–they have more ideas for exercises to add to your routine!

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