How to Survive Cold Weather Workouts

Back in the day there really weren’t many options and most of us actually used (gasp) sweatpants and cotton tees. I will never forget taking a “Learn to Run” course many moons ago. I was living in Alberta, Canada and the course started the first week of January and was in the evenings. Now if […]

Top 3 Do-Anywhere Exercises

No time and No equipment is No excuse with these 3 moves for a full body workout.

Tips for Successful Early Morning Exercise

Organizational tips to get you up and moving in the early mornings.

Countdown to a Beach Bod

With just over a month until July, I have 28 days of mini workouts to jumpstart; add to or just squeeze in leading up to swimsuit season.

Getting 2016 Oscar Ready – Fitness Faves of the Stars

Ever wonder how the celebs prepare for big events like the Oscars? Check out what these stars have been doing for months.


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