25+ Cocktails That Make You Feel Like Celebrating

Here are a few of our staff’s favorite cocktails for your next party or get-together…

1. The Raspberry Champagne Razzle Dazzle

2. Keep it Light with a Pear Berry Thyme Fizz

3. Cranberry Mojito

4. Figtini


5. Blushing Beauty

6. Champagne Pineapple Punch

7. Cranberry Jello Shots

8. The Negroni with an Orange Twist

9. Mulled Wine with Cranberries & Cardamom

10. A Goofy (Pineapple) Foot

11. Drunken Pear

12. Spiced Bourbon & Beer Maple Martini

13. Cranberry Whiskey Cocktail

14. Slow-Cooked Mulled Cider

15. Slushy, Boozy Cranberry Margaritas

16. Apple Cider Sangria

17. Cranberry Margaritas

18. Apple Cider Mimosas

19. Basil Slush

20. Moscow Mule or Dark & Stormy

21. White Wine Sangria

22. Ginger Cranberry Cocktail with Frozen Vodka or Gin

23. A Basil Gimlet

24. Wet Martini

25. Pink Peppercorn Thyme Soda

26. Fresh Pineapple Colada

27. Spiked Watermelon Lemonade

28. The Bloody

29. Sidecar Martini with a Limoncello Twist

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