3 Tips to Reset After the Holidays


 The Holidays are great for reveling and partying and making merry, but for most of us they wreak havoc on our exercise routines and “disciplined” eating habits. Many people look toward the New Year with disdain and dismay as they survey the damage done to their bods and feel it’s time to buckle down – yuck! shutterstock_207758425Why start the New Year off with such negativity? It is possible to Reset your good habits, restart and amp up your metabolism and get back to where you left off in no time with a few tips:

  1. WATER drink, drink, drink water! Plain, unfizzy, untouched water. If you need flavor, add unsweetened fruits or veg like frozen berries, lemon, cucumber etc. Start each morning with a large glass of water to get things going and keep drinking All. Day. Long. Have a bottle of water with you at all times. Yup – you will have to pee – a lot! But that’s the point. This not only flushes the toxins from your body faster, it also clears up and plumps up the skin cells. It rehydrates everything, which is probably suffering from dehydration from the combo of alcohol, salty, rich foods and cold weather.health, drink water, thirst, hydration, role of water in body, how much to drink
  1. Detoxifying (foods) – “DIETS” are daunting and difficult – why not ADD (or substitute) way more of these foods into your current eating routine? These are known to be detoxifying foods and drinks and you will start feeling better sooner without the strain and pain of following a rigid “diet”. Substitute green tea for coffee; lamb for beef; brown rice for white; quinoa for pasta. Above all, eat WAY more fruits and veg (and raw is better). If you don’t think this will fill you up just try eating the daily recommended amount of fruits (2 cups) and veg (2 ½ -3 cups). Click here for more detoxifying foods.  fruits and veggies
  1. MOVE! For some this may mean getting back on track; for others, it could mean getting on a track, period. If you were a regular exerciser before, just return to that routine as soon as you can. You may want to set some 2017 fitness goals to give you some incentive. (Run a race, do a pull up, learn a new sport). Cardio helps burn the cals but resistance training (bodyweight or otherwise) will help build lean muscle, which helps boost your metabolism (this is what we really want!) long after your workout is completed, so a combo of both types of exercise is important.

hike group

push up, plank, exercise





Resetting your health in The New Year does not have to be about Denial. With these tips, ADDING more of these 3 things (even in small amounts) will be beneficial. And if you want to reset faster, add more.

Three simple solutions to reset and restart in 2017!

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