The Big Debate – Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

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Since the summer is synonymous with frozen treats, you may be wondering which is better for you, Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? I may be dating myself, but I really can’t help but think of a classic Seinfeld episode based solely around this topic, as the characters all gained weight due to eating too much “low fat” yogurt. This topic came up most recently as my friend and I watched our kids gluttonously clutching their buckets (yes buckets) of frozen yogurt, ladened with all kinds of toppings (none of which were fruit by the way), and I decided it was time to weigh-in on this matter.

Yes, frozen yogurt has less fat because it’s made from milk instead of heavy cream. It tends to be less sweet therefore containing less sugar and it lends itself to using healthier sugar alternatives such as honey or agave. Frozen yogurt has more vitamins and minerals, not to mention the ever-popular yogurt cultures. BUT, keep in mind; frozen yogurt is NOT as healthy as regular yogurt. Now Ice cream, on the other hand, tends to use much more sugar and salt for flavoring and also can be loaded with all kinds of additional diet-busting, high calorie goodies like nuts, caramel, marshmallow fluff and so on. To learn more of the differences between frozen yogurt and ice cream, click here.

Yogurt is really only marginally healthier, so unless you are lactose intolerant (frozen yogurt is your friend), choose the treat you prefer. If you’re a DIY person try one of these homemade frozen yogurt recipes (this allows you to control the amount of sugar you add) or try a much healthier Popsicle alternative.

The bottom line is if weight loss is your goal, it comes down to calories taken in (what you eat) and calories burned and sugar content. So I would suggest avoiding both frozen delights, but if you just have to fill a frozen treat craving, opt for the one you like best BUT only as a sometime treat; watch the portion size and NO toppings.

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