Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Feast without the Guilt

Yes, you can celebrate the holidays without completely denying yourself.

The French Paradox and Other Random Wine Facts

Show off at your next wine tasting with these random and trivial facts all about vino.

The Big Debate – Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

Frozen treat consumption skyrockets at this time of year. If you're wondering which is the healthier option to cure that cool craving I've got all the info here.

Trivial (But Interesting) Wine Facts

Whether heading to a wine tasting or just an informal social gathering, these little informational tidbits will keep the conversation flowing like the wine.

Cheers to Your Health (with Beer)!

From cooking and baking to knocking back a cold one on a hot day, all the options for enjoying your ales without too much guilt.

Favorite Fitness Gadget

This is my (current) favorite fitness gadget, great for those who like to keep track and chart progress.

Runner’s Start

An intensive lower body cardio move of the week.

Aquatic Burpees

Happy Days are here again! What better way to enjoy your summer than to celebrate with an "AQUATIC" Burpee? Are you up for this challenge? Enjoy!

Cardio Combo 2

Get your sweat on with this combo that is an excellent High Intensity Interval that can be added to any regular workout routine or used on its own.

Fat Loss by the Numbers

Successful weight loss tips for number crunchers.


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