Cardio Combo 2

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I’ve decided to include these “cardio combos” in the move of the week every so often, even though they contain more than one move. These little bursts of activity are perfect for incorporating into your strength training, your endurance cardio training or when you don’t have a lot of time and need/want a little energy boost (such as the mid-afternoon sleepy time). This combo includes a side shuffle with a Burpee (my fave!!) and is easily modifiable for all fitness levels. Make sure you have a cleared area large enough to allow you to move 4 shuffles right and left AND be able to come down into a plank (the length of your body). Starting at one end, do 4 quick shuffles to your right, immediately drop down into a Burpee, and without pausing repeat the 4 side shuffles left and another Burpee. Repeat for 30 – 60 seconds and as often as you like within your regular workout. If this is all you are doing, slow the pace and aim to continue this for 3 minutes – YES, I said 3 minutes STRAIGHT – with NO pauses – you can do this, dig deep and push yourself.

Notes: Stay low in a squat while side shuffling (the lower you are, the more challenging). Your feet don’t cross over each other – take a step to the right with the right foot, bring your left foot next to it and repeat quickly. The beloved Burpee is a deep squat, hands to the floor, jump your feet back so you are in a plank, then jump both feet back to your hands, lift to a squat and jump off the floor, hands overhead – but of course, done very quickly, smoothly and in control.

Easier: Take the high impact and plyometrics out of this combo. Instead of a quick shuffle, stay low and do 4 side steps to the right (it will be even more important to stay low in your squat if this is your option). The Burpee can be done in “slow mo” as described above. Instead of jumping your feet out to plank and back in, walk them into place, and rather than jumping up at the end, just come up onto your toes like a calf raise.

Harder: Where to begin? Of course you can do more rounds and for longer work intervals. The faster you move through these, the more difficult, just ensure you are fluid and have impeccable form. Do not sacrifice good form and technique for speed. Try holding a pair of weights throughout (make sure you can hold them while doing your Burpee). When you do your Burpee, after the plank, lower to the floor and lift your hands off the floor before completing the rest of it. Add a pushup into your Burpee before jumping up – remember your pushup can be any number of variations. Do one-legged Burpees (exactly as it sounds) and /or pushups.


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