Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Feast without the Guilt

Thanksgiving 2013

Looking forward to your Thanksgiving meal(s) but worried about sabotaging all the hard work you’ve been doing?

Here are some tips and information to help you enjoy the holidays
…without the regrets and guilt that often accompany them.

1. Most traditional meals are quite balanced as far as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. They offer a wide variety of options which is a good thing.

Assemble your plate so its green-heavy.

2. To reduce overall calories consumed, try limiting the number of high fat offerings by using mainly fresh ingredients and healthy alternatives to butter and sugar. You have more control over this with a self – made meal.

3. Don’t go overboard with the amount of food you prepare, and if you do -send leftovers home with guests.

4. Place higher calorie items in smaller serving dishes or offer them in portions or single servings so people will be less inclined to load up their plate with them. Provide a variety of healthy alternatives such as leafy green salads and fresh fruit desserts.

drink more water

Have a glass of water in your hand throughout the day. It will keep you hydrated and filled up.

5. Don’t forget to drink …. Water. Often times we eat more because we are actually dehydrated or thirsty. Try to always have a glass of water on the go.

6. Remember, alcohol is empty calories. Space out your adult beverages with a soda or even better, water in between. On average: wait about an hour between alcoholic drinks to allow the liver time to break it down. This will also assist in preventing hangover symptoms.

7. Enjoy your meal! You may have spent several hours preparing so don’t wolf it down in minutes. Put your utensils down between bites, chew your food and converse with your guests. You will allow your body time to start digesting and will feel satiated without stuffing yourself.

8. When filling up your plate, imagine it divided into 4 equal parts. Protein (meats) should be no bigger than one part; Carbohydrates (bread, rice, potatoes etc) should be no bigger than one part and the other two parts (1/2 of your plate) should be fruits and veggies.

Get out that day for a 20 minute walk.

9. Maintain your schedule as much as possible. Even if you can’t go to the gym, go for a walk, do some basic calisthenics, play outside with the kids etc – just stay active.

10. In the end it is all about portion control. This is not a time for dieting unless you have an iron will. On average, people can gain 5-7 pounds between now and New Years. This is not much but over time it can add up. With these simple tips you can enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and be truly thankful.


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Author: tammyjuco

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