Throw a “Just the Commercials” Party

super bowlrp_super-bowl-ad11-150x150.jpegMany people who watch the Super Bowl are tuning in just for the commercials. If this is you or your friends why not make an event of it?  Everyone loves the ads. Companies spend $3 million to $4 million per commercial to be sure of that.

If people aren’t willing to sacrifice football for the ads, set up two rooms. One for the football fans, and one for the “just commericials” party. Give guests plenty of warning that it is a split party. If a favorite team starts winning the game, both rooms will be in a good mood, but if a favorite team starts losing, the football fan’s spirits may dampen the party vibe. In other words, invite these types of people only at your own risk.

Invitations:  Send out official “tickets” to you party. You can print these from Polka Prints on your own printer for $15 . Or if you really want to set the commercial-watching mood, get the kids involved and consider filming your own family fake-commercial/invitation. Then send a link of the video to your friends via an e-mail invitation. Set an RSVP date that allows you enough time to prepare for food, drink and games.

Decorations: As well as footballs and team colors, consider displaying the logos of this year’s Super Bowl advertisers. You can find the upcoming ads on

Nachos-101Food and Drink: Have fun with the menu, and consider stocking the snack table with products that have bought airtime in recent Super Bowls. Don’t forget to stock plenty of beer and liquor brands that are generally advertised during the Big Game. Try some of Emily’s super bowl recipes like Crock-Pot Pulled Pork, Chicken Wing and Nose Tackle Nachos.

Pre-Game Warm-Up Trivia of old commercials. Do an Internet search for “super bowl commercials trivia” and quiz your guests!

super-bowl-games1Superbowl Bingo – Make a list of 25-30 things you’re likely to see in a Super Bowl commercial. Customize your Bingo cards on Here is a free printable from Daily DIY Life of a super bowl bingo card.

Some ideas to customize your bingo card are: A-list celeb, Animals doing tricks, Animated, At-home scenario, B-list celeb, Bar scenario, BBQ grill, Beach scenario, Beer, Burger, Car, Car commercial aimed at women, Catchy song, Cleavage, Commercial that tried to be funny but failed, Computers, Confusing commercial, Country music, Credit card, Fast food restaurant, Former athlete, Mobile phone, Mobile phone provider, FOX programming plug (not post-superbowl), Office scenario, Party scenario, Pizza, Pop singer, Post superbowl TV show, Rap star, Reference to Facebook or Twitter, Slo-mo, Snack food, Soft drink, Sports drinks.

Commercial score card – Before the game, have everyone write down how many commercials will have … monkeys? bikini-clad ladies? cars? beer? retired-football players? see the above list but you get the idea. Assign a person keep a tally throughout the game and then award a prize to person who guesses the closest number for all categories.

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