Why Carrots Are Good For You

Carrots are one of those vegetables even picky eaters usually like. Unlike green veggies, they don’t get a whole lot of press for being nutritious, but like all fresh produce, they are really good for you.

Here is why:

  • They are a great source of fiber, so good for your digestive system and your cholesterol.
  • They are full of beta-carotene which converts to vitamin A, supporting eye health, your immune system, and your skin.
  • Carrots contain vitamin K which, among other things, helps your cardiovascular system and your bones.
  • Carrots are full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are protective against many forms of cancer.
  • Additionally, they are a great low-cal way to fill up. Interestingly, while you get lots of health benefits from snacking on raw carrots, they are better for you cooked.

No wonder the Easter Bunny is living so long!!

Colorful Roasted Carrots
Grilled Balsamic Rosemary Carrots
Ginger Carrot Vichyssois

Side Note: If you have an infant, try to avoid the temptation to introduce orange vegetables first. While they are good for your child, they are sweeter and may spoil their taste for other vegetables. Starting with the green stuff will improve their chances of enjoying all kinds of foods. Not to mention, too many orange vegetables can discolor the skin.


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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Physician, Wellness Coach, and founder of Tips From Town. She is passionate about sharing her medical expertise, her coaching techniques and her parenting experience to encourage happier and healthier lives.


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