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As we enter into the hot and humid summer months, it goes without saying that hydrating is absolutely essential during this time regardless of physical activity. Sweating is how our bodies regulate our internal temperature and people who have issues with this are at higher risk for heat – related illnesses or hyperthermia (Infants, children, elderly and anyone active outside for work or exercise).

Of course the BEST form of hydration is water–not Gatorade or other sports drinks – before, during, after any activity and basically all daylong. Normally I don’t recommend sport drinks unless you are being active and sweating for over 90 minutes. If you decide to consume these drinks just beware of the amount of sugar you’re ingesting. For a more natural and healthier way of hydrating beyond water try these foods. They are mostly water by weight and perfect for keeping you hydrated but also smack full of all kinds of great nutrients and flavors and many also have some of the electrolytes required to replenish after sweating.

girl eating watermelon

Citrus – lemons, oranges, grapefruits
Melons – watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew

saladCruciferous – broccoli, cauliflower
Iceberg lettuce, spinach
Baby carrots
Eggplant (Read Why Eggplant is So Good for You!)

How to determine if you’re dehydrated:
1. Urine color – should be a pale straw color (if it’s neon yellow, you may need to start drinking water Stat).

2. Dry lips/tongue/mouth – these are good indicators of your hydration levels – like a sponge the lips start to shrivel and the mouth feels like sandpaper if we’re parched.

3. Headache/Fatigue

4. Thirst – if you’re thirsty, you ‘re already dehydrated

If you’re pregnant, nursing or ill you need to take in more fluids than usual. Monitor children and the elderly as they may not be able to readily identify signs of thirst and dehydration.

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