10 Things I’m Doing With My Kids This Summer

With its carefree days and lack of schedules, is there anything better than summer? I know for some parents, the thought of long days with no organized activity is a scary one. Don’t let it be. Embrace the freedom. Your kids CAN be bored. It is good for them. You can even plan for the […]

Natural Thirst Quenchers

It's officially summer and the temps have been high. Here are some tips to staying hydrated.

Try a Hot Dog Bar!

Some may argue that Hot dogs aren’t the most healthy of foods, but when summer rolls around, we all find ourselves with a hamburger in one hand and a Hot dog in another. The other night my kids wanted to BBQ and we decided to create a hot dog bar. We wrapped our beef dogs […]

End Of Year Teacher Gifts They Will Really Use!

Take it from me, at the end of the school year, teacher’s want one thing – rest. Saying good bye is the hardest part of this teacher’s year – no kidding. Even though some of the kids drive you up a wall all year long, when graduation hits, there isn’t a dry eye in the […]

The Summer Before College

You can't believe it, but your baby is going off to college. You have a few short months left. What to do? What advice to give? Here are some tips and reminders.

Low-Carb Summer Cocktails

Fruity summer cocktails have crazy-high calories. So we've put together a few "skinny" drink recipes.

Watermelon Lemonade (spiked or not)

A staple cocktail both with or without gin or vodka this summer in my house.  Watermelon is at it’s peak, and what makes better sense to quench your thirst than lemonade?  Combine the two and you are set. My kids love it as well. They get...

“Healthy” Cocktails – Do They Exist?

With summer comes BBq's, grads, weddings and just more get togethers. This can also mean more alcohol consumption. Here are my tips to manage intake and keep the calories low without spoiling the fun.

It’s Summer — Pick a Theme

Are you looking ahead at the next 2 months thinking, "hmmm ... what should we do?" Sometimes the heat makes it hard to focus. Make your life easier by giving your summer a theme.

Steakhouse Kabobs

Have a hankering for beef? Give this beef, mushroom and onion kabob a go. I certainly had a craving and this version rid me of it with complete satisfaction! Adapted from seriouseats.com… the only thing truly altered is that most of us with...