The Latest Craze for Teens!

While proctoring  the ELA state tests yesterday, I saw a young boy of 12 whip out this little toy and start spinning it on his fingers. I had to tell him to put it away because it was distracting the other kids. I will admit: after three straight hours of proctoring the exam, even I found it mildly fascinating. Then, this morning at 7:15am in the cafeteria, I saw spinners EVERYWHERE.

Kids explained to me that they purchase them in the Dollar Store for $5 and they are “really fun.” Then they showed me all the little tricks you could do with this novelty toy. The morning carried on and as I was releasing the students to their homerooms, I saw two boys taking their spinners and jabbing each other with them. “Ha!” I thought to myself. These will be banned within a week.

Somehow an innocent toy from the dollar store will manage to become a weapon, or will be used in extreme way. I can see them spinning one on each finger during English class. I was a little excited and thought that maybe all this water bottle flipping was coming to an end and being replaced by spinners. Unfortunately I give it a week.



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Author: Thea Ferzola