Gifts for Kids…That Give Back

Also Read: 35+ Gifts for Everyone on Your List…That Give Back! While you’re out shopping this holiday season, consider choosing one of these 15 gifts that actually give back!  The companies below are dedicated to giving back to several valuable social causes! It makes giving feel even better! 1. Fitbit for kids The Kids Fitness Watch is a one-size-fits-most fitness band […]

35+ Fabulous Gifts–From $5 to $500-That Give Back!

Every year, I put together a list of companies that give back. With all the spending that goes on in December, why not spend in places where you’re spreading a little good too. These companies donate a portion of their proceeds to different causes and non-profits so you’ll feel good giving (or receiving them!) • • […]

Calling All Lego Fans: The Lego Brick Fair is Coming

A thousand of the most dedicated adult Lego builders from across the world are coming to NJ. Explore their brilliantly built creations, meet the builders, learn new building techniques and building fantastic creations for lego fans! The fair will allow you to see, touch, experience, learn and be inspired by legos! Kids can play with Legos and try […]

Kinder Eggs Are Here!

Kinder Chocolate Eggs have finally come to the States and kids everywhere are rejoicing! My kids are CRAZY about these eggs! We’ve been using them for our advent calendar treat this month. If you’ve never had them before, here’s your chance to finally try them…legally. The eggs were banned from the US by the FDA until now. The eggs have […]

Is Your American Girl Doll Breaking the Bank?

If you feel like your American Girl dolls are putting you in the poor house, you might want to shop around for less expensive options. There are deals to be had! Over the last few years, I’ve stocked my daughter’s stash with clothing and accessories from Target, Michael’s and my favorite, Etsy. I have found unique […]

New Toy for Fidgety Hands

My kids just discovered the CuberSpeed Rainbow Ball–another game for fidgety hands but this one also exercises the brain. It’s sort of like a Rubik’s Cube but round. It has 12 holes and 11 color balls. The objective is to scramble the colored balls, then figure out how to get them all back into their matching colored slots in […]

My Favorite Beach Toys

Beach toys are NOT just for children -- the sand and surf is a playground for everyone. Here are my five favorite grown up must haves for a great time!

Another Trendy Toy for the Land Fill

I give up; I can’t keep up. Just when I thought I was a rock star mom for finding Elmer’s glue for slime when it was sold out at every craft store within 25 miles of us, the glue is…so “yesterday.” And then it was fidget spinners. My son actually never fidgeted until we GOT […]

A Few of Our Favorite Toys

Spherovelo Ride-On by Early Rider Check out this unique, award-winning, ride-on toy for children ages 12-24 month olds. Winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award 2013, Junior Design Award for Best Toy 2013. Seat height: 7″, Handle bar height: 11″. Made in UK. $120. Available at Fat Brain Toys. Magna-Tiles We bought our set 10 years ago when […]

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