Another Trendy Toy for the Land Fill

I give up; I can’t keep up. Just when I thought I was a rock star mom for finding Elmer’s glue for slime when it was sold out at every craft store within 25 miles of us, the glue is…so “yesterday.” And then it was fidget spinners. My son actually never fidgeted until we GOT HIM a fidget spinner.

It always starts with the same conversation:
“Mom, can you take me to town to get (insert craze of the week here)?”
“A wha?”
“A ________, mom, you know, a _______? Ok, know what? It doesn’t matter. Can you just drop me off? Oh, and I need my allowance.”

Piles of tupperware containers filled with slime failures line my daughters bathroom. Her closet is STILL littered with rainbow loom rubber bands and woven bracelets that no one wants to wear. I still discover silly bandz in the bottoms of backpacks. Remember those? My son has piles of Pokémon cards under his bed. And I almost spun down a flight of steps last week when I tripped on a metal fidget spinner.


This week, it’s squishies: small squishable characters that slowly expand after you…well, squish them down. I’m not sure why they’re that fun and they’re all obiouvsly going to end up in a landfill with the silly bandz and rainbow looms. At least you can recycle Pokemon cards!

I guess we had my own phases too: Bonnie bell lipsmackers; scented stickers; wacky pack cards; safety pins with beads on our shoes; and as many piercings as we could fit on the rims of our ears.

At least the squishes are soft and relatively safe.


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