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As the weather gets colder and our natural tendency is to go into hibernation mode (i.e. spending the day wrapped in a blanket, watching movies with your kids sac of Halloween goodies on one side and a beverage, which may or may not contain alcohol, on the other) it can be more challenging to self- motivate to exercise and maintain good eating habits. Check out these latest fitness and health apps to re-invigorate your fitness and health regimes and keep you going through these shorter, darker and colder days.

Zombies, Run! – for some, zombies are always in season – this app provides a little (or a lot, depending on your imagination) of extra motivation. Listen to the narration for your running instructions or hook up to a treadmill to play the gamehealth, exercise, fitness, nutrition, health, meditation, sleep, smart phone apps, motivation, fitness for you, tips from town

The Daily Burn – video workouts from a number of trainers at your fingertips – no need to go to a gym and take a class.

Yoga Studio – numerous yoga classes for all levels, ranging from 15 minutes to an houryoga studio

Spring – enter your workout: walking, running, cycling etc and choose your fave artists or genre or let them pick for you –and get just the right tempo for the exercise you’re doingworkout music

Tababta Trainer –use the timer to do your own tabata workout; follow one of the preprogrammed ones; or make up your own from the library of exercises

Human – tracks any movement from walking, running, dancing- any movement as long as you’re moving for more than a minute, it records it and lets you know when you’ve hit 30 minutes total. Great for beginners, seniors, injured etc to make sure you’re getting in your daily 30 minutes of activity

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clockmonitors your sleep patterns and wakes you up at the best time for you to feel refreshedthey don't call it 'beauty sleep' for nothing

Pzizz Sleep – just the right sounds and tones to calm a racing mind and relax a tense body to fall asleep – insomniacs take note

buddhify 2 – urban mindfulness & meditation – Zen for the busy person whether you’re’ traveling, on line; at work or going to bed, there are options for any occasion to keep you calm

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