10-Minute Body Blast

No time for exercise? No problem. This quick 10 minute workout can be squeezed into the small pockets of free time in your day.

Home-Based Workout During The Cold Snap

Here's a workout you can do in the"comfort" of your home. Equipment and intensity optional.

Tammy’s 5-Minute Total Core (Almost) Crunchless Ab Workout

No time, no energy, no likey? I've got 6 crunchless exercises you can do any time to build up your core, tone your tummy and change that keg to a 6-pack.

When a Workout No Longer “Hurts So Good”

You had a great workout but 2 days later you can barely get out of or into a chair. What the hell happened?

Subscription Boxes for Dad

Check this out for unique Dad's Day gifts.

Cardio Does Not Have to Include Leg Work

Believe it or not, there many effective forms of cardio exercise that don't involve leg work.

Tips for Successful Early Morning Exercise

Organizational tips to get you up and moving in the early mornings.

My Favorite Fitness Products

Even though I am a product junkie, I am sharing my fitness tried and trues that I use all the time.

How Fitness Saved My Life – A Thanksgiving Narrative

There are so many reasons I am grateful for fitness in my life but this is probably the most important one.

Who Says You Need Fancy Equipment to be Fit?

I was recently surfing through some of our fitness editor, Tammy Juco’s, posts on fitness looking for something quick and effective that I could do at home and came across her post about  Body Weight Exercises. Tammy discovered Greatist‘s comprehensive list of 200+ bodyweight exercises. It gives you an endless combination of exercises that will keep me going for months to come–no gym necessary! I […]


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