My Favorite Fitness Products

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I am a product junkie, especially when it comes to fitness. There’s nothing more exciting than trying out new gear and gadgets but here are my tried and trues that will be with me always:

  1. Weighted Speed Rope – small, compact and inexpensive this take -anywhere cardio workout is perfect for trips, work, or at home. If you don’t think 5 or 10 minutes is enough to workout, just try skipping for that length of time.favorite fitness products
  2. Sandbag – you can buy an official sandbag with the bags to fill with sand or use a sturdy duffel bag filled with sand or cat litter, etc. This can be used in a plethora of ways for interesting and creative weighted exercises.sandbag equipment
  3. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – I love water but sometimes you want a little kick. These bottles allow you to put any combo of fruit or veg or both into the center to add a little flavor to your water without the mess of pulp, seeds and rind and an easy clean up.infusing
  4. Runwrap – be hands-free in all you do from an exercise class, a jog, bike ride, walking your dog or going on a hike. It’s comfortable and perfect for holding, keys, phone and some coffee money.Exercise, fitness gear, unwrap, running, cycling, blading, walking, hiking, dog walking, personal items, keys, phone, music, run belt, fitness professionals, tips from town
  5. TimerGymboss Timer to track your intervals. This allows you to focus on the workout and not have to worry about reps or checking your watch.
  6. Rodan + Fields Eye Cloths – this great post-workout wipe for a quick clean also removes makeup before working out and with its infused peptides, that delicate area around the eyes gets constant TLC.

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