Lazy Leg Workout

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This is a short workout for those of you who have excessive guilt and can’t bear to miss a workout even if you’ve been bogged down by life’s demands, up all night with a sick kid or maybe you’re the one that’s under the weather. This is a gentle yet challenging workout for your legs that won’t tax you too much but will still let you feel that you did something.

Do a 3-5 minute warm-up by marching or jogging on the spot or walking up and down the stairs. For each circuit, complete all exercises on one leg and then repeat all on the other.

CIRCUIT A – Begin Lying on your Right side with the right leg slightly bent and head resting on your right arm:

  1. Clam Shells – with your feet together, open and close the left knee for 15 reps/ hold open for 15 counts/pulse open for 15
  2. Straight Leg Lift 15 reps/15 count hold up/15 rep pulse
  3. Hold leg up and Hamcurl 15 – bring heel to bum and straighten (squeeze bum)
  4. Straight Leg Circles -15 both directions – move from the hip not the knee
  5. Top Leg Knee to Heel Press 15 – touch top bent knee to floor at hip area then press the heel up and back as you straighten your leg

CIRCUIT B – Support your body on your Right forearm and right hip; place left foot on the floor (bent leg) beside right thigh:

1. Straight Leg Lift -15 reps/15 count hold/15 rep pulse – bring right leg up to left knee

2. Straight Leg Circles – 15 both directions – move from the hip

3. Straight leg Heel Tapshold top (Left) leg up and straight while lifting bottom (right) leg up to the top and down 15 reps (tap heels)

CIRCUIT C – Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat:

  1. Glute Press 20 reps/20 count hold/20 rep pulse – press through both heels to lift hips off floor and squeeze bum then touch floor and repeat
  2. 10.  Left Leg Glute Press 15reps/15 count hold/15 rep pulse – keep right foot off floor 
  3. Right Leg Glute Pressas in #10 but left foot off floor
  4. Glute Press Hold – open and close knees 15 reps – keep hips lifted entire time

CIRCUIT D – On your hands and knees:

1. Donkey Kicks 15 rep/15 count hold/15 rep pulse – draw the Left knee to chest and kick up to ceiling through your heel (keep leg bent at 90 degrees

2. Fire Hydrants 15 – Leg at 90 degrees but lifting to the side from your hip (like a dog going pee – hence the name)

3. Straight Leg Donkey Kick 15 reps/15 count hold/15 rep pulse – keep the leg straight the whole time – tap toe to floor and lift straight up




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