Sliding Abs

If you love a challenge and like to have a little fun doing so, this advanced ab exercise is just for you. You will feel this in your lower abs as well as your arms, shoulders, chest and possibly legs. You will need something that will allow you to slide your feet across your workout surface. I use 2 rags or face cloths for my floors, you could also try a thick pair of socks. If you have rug or carpet, use 2 paper plates or pages from a glossy magazine. Outdoors, 2 paper plates on DRY grass will also work.

Come into a straight-arm plank, hands under your shoulders, fingers pointing up, and shoulders down your back. Your toes will each be on one of your “sliders”. Ensure your abs are engaged and you are in a straight line from head to heel. As you exhale, use your lower abs to pull both knees to your chest and then slide them back to start. Do 10-20reps or for 30-45 seconds.

Notes: Exhale as you pull your knees in; inhale as you straighten back out.

Easier: Instead of sliding both feet together, alternate one at a time (similar to a mountain climber but without leaving the floor).

Harder: Increase the number of reps or length of time. Do single leg slides – keep one leg straight but elevated off the floor while you “slide” the other leg (Do 10-15 on each leg).

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Author: tammyjuco

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